Global Breach Response

Provide identity theft solutions to your customers after a cyberattack, security or data breach.

Call the Equifax Global Breach Hotline at 1-866-243-0886

If your company has experienced a data breach, you need an immediate solution.

Respond, React, Restore - with Equifax

We can help you quickly respond to a breach with solutions that provide notification letters and mailings to those affected including templates, address cleansing, first class delivery and postage.

We can also provide credit file monitoring and alerts so your consumers can take action as well as help customers restore their identities.

Equifax can help support you through it all

As a global and consultative partner, we help you appropriately counter an incident.


Equifax assists in the printing of notification letters and mailing them to those affected. This includes any templates, address cleansing, first class delivery and postage needs.


Equifax monitors credit files and delivers credit monitoring alerts that can help consumers take action.


Equifax helps those impacted restore their identities.

Your All-Inclusive Source for Identity Theft Solutions

Cyberattacks and the resulting security and data breaches can have a devastating impact on any business, and their customers. Recovering from identity theft is complicated and time consuming.

Equifax offers identity theft protection solutions and dedicated support to help you react and respond to a data breach. Print notifications, credit monitoring and identity restoration are part of the solutions package. We help businesses respond, react and restore to a data breach.

What Makes us Different?

Credit Report Monitoring
Credit file monitoring and automated alerts are provided
Child Credit Report Monitoring and Alerts
Creation of an Equifax credit file for the child which can be monitored and locked
Dedicated Identity Restoration Specialist
Solution includes dedicated service support

We Identify Key Changes

In the U.S., our identity restoration services cover a wide range of areas, including retirement investments, loans, healthcare records, taxes, banking/credit, government documents, and more. Really, we do the heavy lifting and help restore identities by:

Credit Report Assistance to Help Restore Customers' Identity

Leverage a Limited Power of Attorney authorization to aid in the completion of a claims kit

Act on Your Behalf with all Three Credit Bureaus

Order credit reports from all three nationwide credit reporting agencies

Notifications of Fraudulent Activities

Help customers in notifying creditors of fraud and disputing fraudulent transactions

Provide Next Steps for the Customer’s Identity Protection

Placing a fraud alert and, in some cases, a security freeze with all three nationwide credit reporting agencies on the customer's behalf

Help Reduce Worry for Victims of Identity Theft

Work with third parties and/or merchants to resolve identity theft on the customer's behalf

Dedicated Restoration Agent Assistance

Access to a dedicated agent and a consistent point of contact

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