Improve Collections & Recovery Strategies

Integrate powerful collections and recovery tools to mitigate loss
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Maximize Recovery and Improve Your Operational Efficiency

When determining which customers to retain or re-engage, understanding a customer's financial capacity can be important. If a collection strategy is necessary, Equifax offers specialized solutions to assist in identifying customers who have the highest possibility of making payments, so you can collect before other creditors. We can help you increase your chances of getting payment and improve your efficiency.

2 Ways Equifax Can Streamline Your Debt Collection Process

Focus collection efforts
Consumer Credit File
Make more accurate credit decisions with robust consumer credit data.
Boost success & returns
Recovery Report
Maximize collectability efforts with this collections specific consumer report.

Industries We Serve

Financial Services

Mitigate delinquency and prioritize debt portfolios based on likelihood to pay


Recover more vehicle loan debt 


Improve the customer experience while increasing recovery rates

Mortgage & Housing

Mitigate loss and manage defaults and foreclosures more effectively


Streamline collections and recovery to make efficient use of your agency's resources

Retail & E-Commerce

Maximize your revenue by improving collections and recovery


Better recover from outstanding past due trucking and moving accounts


Use advanced data solutions to save you effort while saving your earnings


Increase cash flow and reduce revenue losses through more effective collections

Credit Unions

Make more informed business decisions based on your members' spending capacity

Tools for Speed, Precision, and Prioritization

  • Unique, specialized collections data
  • Advanced skip-tracing
  • Reliable right-party contact information
  • Employment and income verification
  • Tailored reporting
  • Collections portfolio management
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