TotalVerify™ from Equifax is a comprehensive data hub that helps provide a more informed picture of individuals to help you make better informed decisions.


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We provide secure, fast access to reliable and extensive data that helps businesses and communities build trust, enable safety, verify information, and/or assess risk.

Reliable Data for Fast Verifications, Monitoring, and More

Increasing decision confidence and creating faster, more efficient processes requires quality data. Government agencies, lenders, background screeners, and HR professionals rely on the TotalVerify data hub as their comprehensive source of trusted data to better understand multi-faceted, people-based data.

TotalVerify delivers data provided directly from trusted sources like education, incarceration, court and payroll data, to help you have a more complete picture of individuals. This near real-time information can help reduce uncertainty around your important business, safety, and/or eligibility work.

Choose Equifax for Information You Can Trust

For timely and trusted information needed to verify data, improve safety, monitor individuals, and/or reduce risk, Equifax offers a powerful combination of differentiated data and unique datasets to deliver the information you need in a single location.
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Use data to inform hiring decisions.

Mortgage Lenders

Confirm homebuyer information fast.

Government Social Service Providers

Confirm application information and make more informed eligibility determinations.

Loan and Credit Providers

Gain information to help make decisioning more efficient while mitigating risk.

Background Screeners

Conduct more thorough background checks and continuous employee monitoring.

Law Enforcement & Investigators

Access timely, reliable criminal justice data to help drive investigative duties more efficiently. 

Help Create Smart Insights for More Confident Investigations and/or Decisioning

TotalVerify offers trusted and secure employment, income, education, criminal, and court data to help customers meet business needs, reduce risk, and build efficiency. More data can result in investigations and/or decisions you can be more confident in to help reduce risk to businesses and communities.
The Work Number

A Leading Provider for Secure Income and Employment Data

Hundreds of thousands of credentialed verifiers across thousands of organizations choose The Work Number®
database, part of the TotalVerify data hub, for more seamless online verifications. On any given day, nearly
400,000 verification requests are handled quickly and privately through The Work Number, helping customers
save valuable time and increase their confidence in their decisions.

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