Credit Risk

Say “yes” to 20% more consumers while mitigating risk. 

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Our Capabilities

Make better credit decisions and expand access to credit with data and analytics only Equifax can deliver.

Extend more credit offers with confidence

Approximately 1 in 10 adults living in the US have thin credit files or are credit invisible altogether. To say "yes" more,  you need differentiated data and analytics only Equifax can deliver.

Adding differentiated data and analytics to the credit file can help reduce unscorables by up to 60% while increasing prime and near prime populations by 45% - to help you approve up to 20% more loans. Let’s explore what Equifax can do for you.

Accelerate Access to Credit

91.5 million consumers have little to no access to credit due to lack of credit activity. Learn how to expand your credit pool with alternative data.

See beyond traditional credit to discover emerging risk and opportunity:

Get a more holistic view of consumers on a single report

Get more than a traditional credit report in a format that is concise, customizable and easy to understand all in a single transaction

Help build a more inclusive economy

Adding bank transaction data to credit decisioning reduces the credit unscorable population by up to 50%

Uncover legitimate borrowers

Drive greater visibility with specialty finance data from DataX, such as payday loans, subprime credit cards, and installment loans

Discover more profitable prospects

Gain deeper insights using consumer-permissioned utility and telecom payment data

Get a comprehensive view of consumers

Adding proprietary telco and utility data only Equifax can deliver to the credit decisioning process, almost 4 million more consumers can move to prime or super prime offers

See beyond traditional credit data

Layering The Work Number database into credit decisioning could enable more than 7 million people to qualify for better offers

Why saying “yes” to more customers is just plain good for business

See how Equifax can help deliver smarter data, insights, and technology to approve 5-7% more applications without impacting risk.
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What Sets Us Apart

Cloud-Native Data Fabric

Offers improved security and scalability, with speed and flexibility to keep you moving forward

Differentiated Data Assets

 For comprehensive, fuller insights about consumer financial profiles

 Advanced Predictive Analytics

For accurate, in-the-moment decision making you’ll feel confident about

Global, Cloud-Based Platforms

 Fast and easy access to a broader range of integrated data and new product innovations
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Reach out to our sales team to learn more about products, pricing and implementation.

Choosing Your Primary Credit Provider is Key

Get the most accurate consumer credit view in your first pull.
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