BusinessConnect™ automates routine manual tasks and decisions and centralizes operations under one cloud-based platform.

What is BusinessConnect™

Speed, service, and customer experience make all the difference. If your credit process is on the cumbersome and labor-intensive side, making timely and risk-appropriate approvals becomes a challenge that your organization can't ignore. Fortunately, you can overcome this.

BusinessConnect™ helps simplify, streamline and accelerate credit management processes by automating routine manual tasks and decisions, and centralizing operations under one interactive, cloud-based platform in Salesforce.
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From days to minutes

Close sales faster, quickly onboard new customers and monitor your customer base for financial risks. Download our product sheet for a look at the many benefits BusinessConnect provides.

BusinessConnect Demo
Watch the video for a step-by-step demo of BusinessConnect and how it can help streamline and automate your credit processes.
Case Study

A Credit Approval System that Generates High-Voltage Results

In the highly competitive market to secure private business energy contracts, speed, service, and customer experience make all the difference. Our client, a global energy provider, sought to completely revamp its credit approval process.

Over time it had become cumbersome and labor-intensive, making timely and risk-appropriate approvals a huge challenge. Read the case study to learn how our client transform its lengthy process into a near real-time, fully risk-managed decision engine.

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Say goodbye to outdated, over-complicated credit processes

With BusinessConnect™, slow manual credit reviews are a thing of the past. What once took many days is accomplished within minutes, giving both the credit and sales teams the confidence to move forward with offers of appropriate terms.

Faster turnarounds create more closes, as well as less wasted time on high-risk applicants.

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