Verify Income & Employment History

Timely, reliable, automated data can improve verification and reduce risk.

Your Partner for Secure, Rapid Income & Employment Data

We offer a better way to understand employment and income history. Instead of relying on manual, paper-based processes, use enhanced, real-time data to help make decisions faster for customers, prospects, and applicants. Confirm application details, and gain a clearer view of payment ability, government program eligibility, and the likelihood of delinquency or default.

Key Facts & Figures

Income and employment records can be accessed.
Employers of all sizes from a variety of industries.
Verification requests were fulfilled in 2022.

Who We Serve

Better understand loan affordability and make more informed decisions. 
Consumer Lending
Deliver increased lending capacity with confidence. 
Credit Unions
More efficiently evaluate applications for loans and lines of credit.
Quickly determine eligibility for government assistance. 
Mortgage & Housing
Verify homebuyers’ information quickly.
Verify a candidate’s specific employment records.

Verifications Provide a Variety of Benefits

Authentication has more value than you think - throughout the customer or candidate life cycle. Whether you're looking to gain ongoing insight into your customers and financial situation, better segment your audience, speed up processing to improve the approval experience, or help ensure application or renewal eligibility, Equifax solutions can help.

Verify Throughout the Journey, for a Variety of Reasons

  • Be aware of customers' financial changes
  • Better segment your audience
  • Speed up processing
  • Improve the approval experience
  • Ensure applicant or renewal eligibility
Case Study

Decrease Verification Turnaround Times

A large background screening organization improved operational efficiency by lowering the frequency of manual employment verifications.
Case Study

Build Relationships & Grow Your Portfolio

Instant income and employment data help you gain a more holistic and inclusive view of loan affordability.
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