Target High-Potential Prospects

Target the right prospects and expand your acquisition audiences

Maximize Acquisition Efforts by Reaching the Right Consumers

Identifying prospective customers that are likely to convert can be challenging.

Our acquisition solutions help marketers find and reach the right prospects and get them to say “yes” more. We offer advanced consumer financial insights and modeling technology so you can find high-potential consumers who are more likely to be able to spend, save, invest, or borrow. Furthermore, you can confidently expand broaden target audiences and  deliver the right offer to the right consumer or business across offline and digital channels. Partner with us to better engage – and win – new customers.    
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Financial Services

Find asset opportunity and expand lending audiences while mitigating risk.


Better identify consumers likely in-market for a new car or loan/lease financing. 


Identify and target high-potential consumers with insights on financial capacity.

Mortgage & Housing

Assess consumers for new loans and rentals.

Communications & Utilities

Reach high-potential consumers with relevant offers for new plans and equipment.

Retail & E-Commerce

Market to consumers likely to have the desire and capacity to purchase your offerings.


Model ideal players and target new player segments

Credit Unions

Discover prospects ready for credit offerings and market across their desired channels.

Higher Education

Tailor your outreach to improve your school’s competitiveness with prospective students

Boost your acquisition efforts

  • Leverage insights on the consumer wallet
  • Broaden prospect audiences
  • Promote financial inclusion
  • Use digital channels
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Minimize fraud
  • Identify consumers that can spend or invest
  • Reach in-market consumers seeking credit
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