Monitor and Manage Accounts

Manage account portfolios for growth and risk

Mitigate Risk While Uncovering Opportunities

Keeping your customers loyal and identifying opportunities within your existing portfolios is essential to achieve smarter revenue. While at the same time, you must proactively manage the risk that may exist within your accounts. Our solutions help you identify which accounts are performing well and which are at risk.  Use financial capacity and propensity insights to help you grow customer relationships by engaging them with the right offers at the right time and through the right channels.

Actionable, Meaningful Insights That Drive Better Outcomes

From predictive scores that forecast financial trouble to knowing the best time to optimize account relationships with cross-sell or up-sell offers, we help you quickly understand the bigger story — not just the numbers — behind your customers.

With our solutions, you can engage the right customers with the right offers, at the right time and through the right channel, to keep customers loyal and grow your share of wallet while managing risk.
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