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Reach audiences across digital channels and enable them to respond to offers faster
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Accelerate Digital Marketing Fueled by Financial Insights

The key to successful omni-channel marketing is to create a seamless experience for target customers to interact with your brand. Fuel your digital marketing efforts with our insights into the consumer wallet. Create email and digital prospect lists, onboard audiences, and deliver your offers to the right audiences via the channels they prefer. Our digital audience segments are embedded in top digital platforms so you can get started quickly.

6 Ways Equifax Can Help Enhance Your Digital Marketing

Create prospect audiences
Household Economic Insights 
Use consumer insights to customize audiences and messages for digital campaigns.
Engage via email
Consumer Email Services Deliver acquisition, Prescreen, cross-sell, and retention messages and offers via email.
From offline to digital
Digital Onboarding
Convert lists to reach audiences via digital channels like display, addressable TV, and social.
Deliver Prescreen online
Digital Prescreen - Display
Deliver your credit and insurance messages via digital channels. 
Target online audiences
Digital Targeting Segments
Explore 800+ segments fueled by consumer financial insights to power display and more.
Measure campaign impact
Closed-Loop Attribution
Connect online ad spend to to company-specific metrics and revenue

Real Solutions. Real Results.

See how customers work with us to reach the right digital audiences and grow revenue.
Leverage Wealth-based Targeting to Reach the Right Online Audience
A leading financial service firm reallocated 78% of impressions toward likely high asset online audiences and expected to increase average opening balance by 88%.
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Targeted Email Drives Sales
One auto brand gained incremental vehicle sales and beat its KPI goal by up to 74% by using in-market indicators and financial capacity data to develop targeted email lists.
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Leverage Digital Channels
One customer used financial-based targeting for Addressable TV advertising and saw a 30% increase in new account openings.

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Industries We Serve

Financial Services

Reach high asset and in-market audiences for deposit gathering and lending campaigns


Target in-market shoppers online who can afford to purchase your vehicles


Use financial insights to personalize offers to online audiences

Communications & Utilities

Optimize offers based on customer needs, interests and financial capacity. 

Mortgage & Housing

Connect with your customers and prospects on the digital channels they frequent


Accelerate your digital efforts to target and convert high-value policyholders

Retail & E-Commerce

Target online audiences with the estimated financial capacity to buy your products

Credit Unions

Onboard customers to digital and reach the right audiences for deposit and lending campaigns

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Access our financial insights and digital segments across an array of data marketplaces and online platforms.

Over 800 Digital Targeting Segments

Interest + financial capacity = The right audience for your online campaigns.