Credit Scores

Understand credit scores, credit worthiness, and how credit scores are used in day-to-day life.

[Video] How Can I Check Credit Scores?

Credit reports from the three nationwide credit bureaus don't usually include credit scores. But there are several ways to check credit scores.

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What is a Credit Score?

You may be surprised to learn you don't have just one credit score. Learn more about some basics when it comes to credit scores.

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What is a FICO Score?

Fair Isaac Corporation created FICO Scores. Read more about how FICO scores are calculated.

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What is a Good Credit Score?

Higher credit scores mean you have demonstrated responsible credit behavior in the past, which may make potential lenders and creditors more confident when evaluating a request for credit.

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You Ask. Bev Answers: Why Do Credit Scores Look Different to Consumers Than Lenders?

Why might your credit scores differ when you check them vs.  when a lender checks them? There are a few possible reasons.

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[Video] Does Refinancing Your Mortgage Impact Your Credit Scores?

Refinancing your mortgage can be a great way to lower your interest rate and reduce your monthly mortgage payment, but it can also impact your credit scores.

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Credit Myths and Facts You Should Know

How much do you know about credit? Take our true/false quiz to test your credit IQ.

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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Your Credit Scores?

Your credit scores can play a role in buying a home, getting a job or getting a loan. Take our quiz to see how much you know about credit scores. 

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Credit Scores and the Home Buying Process

Thinking about purchasing a home? It's important to know the role your credit scores can play in the home buying process.

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How Are Credit Scores Calculated?

Learn about the factors that affect credit scores, keeping in mind there are many different credit scoring models.

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[Infographic] What Affects a Credit Score?

A credit report is a summary of your credit history. How are credit reports related to credit scores – and why do credit scores matter?

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Will Checking Your Credit Hurt Credit Scores?

Many people are afraid to request a copy of their credit reports out of concern it will negatively impact credit scores. Checking your own credit is what's called a "soft" inquiry. Learn more.

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