Product Overview

Today’s consumers are challenged by inflation and other financial stresses. Businesses want to differentiate consumers likely to be able to keep spending AND meet their current and future financial obligations even when faced with financial stress.

Financial Durability provides measures of a household’s likely financial resilience in two options:
  • A score of 1 to 5 
  • An index of 1 to 1000 
It is a non-FCRA solution that goes beyond credit scores and overcomes limitations of thin or damaged files.

Who It's For

Director of Marketing
Drive cost-effective acquisition campaigns, while reaching the right audience
Campaign / Advertising Manager
Increase campaign effectiveness and uncover hidden risk and opporunity
Digital Marketing or Ad Agency
Better understand audiences for acquisition campaigns
Risk Manager
Understand household financial health beyond credit scores
Product Sheet

Financial Capacity Measures to Uncover Financial Health

Financial Durability Index can help marketers and risk managers:

  • Differentiate consumers for acquisition efforts
  • Inform pre-collections strategies
  • Assist with treatment prioritization for delinquent accounts
  • Increase recovery for accounts in collections
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Key Ingredients to Better Understand Consumers

The Financial Durability Index model provides an indicator of financial resilience by analyzing the intersection of multiple financial capacity measures. These measures include estimated financial inflows, affluence, discretionary funds to spend and credit capacity using aggregated credit measures.

Derived from our proprietary financial database, they provide a more complete measure of financial health/resilience than using these measures alone, and do not contain protected-class demographics.

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Key Improvement Stats

more likely to become delinquent (30 DPD+) if Low Durability
less likely to be delinquent if High Durability
more likely to become current again if High Durability

Enhance your Acquisition and Account Management Efforts

Now you can better segment prospect households to enhance your acquisition campaigns for Prescreen or ITA financial campaigns, and other goods and services. Or, identify hidden opportunities in your customer base for cross-sell and up-sell and build loyalty and deepen relationships. Financial Durability Score and Index can also enhance account monitoring and better assess the risk of credit and pay-over-time portfolios.

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