Undisclosed Debt Pre-Close and Compare Reports

Identify potential credit liabilities with a tri-bureau view into a borrower's undisclosed debt

What is Undisclosed Debt Pre-Close and Compare Reports

Undisclosed Debt Pre-Close and Compare Reports — used along with our Undisclosed Debt Monitoring product or on its own — provide lenders with more transparency into the credit activity of borrowers during the mortgage origination process. Having a tri-bureau view into a borrower's new credit inquiries and potential liabilities before closing can help significantly mitigate risk and prevent mortgage fraud.

How It's Used

Undisclosed Debt Pre-Close Report

Identify new inquiries and potential credit liabilities at any time during the mortgage origination process with a clear, concise consumer tri-merge credit report.

Undisclosed Debt Compare Report

An easy-to-read summary allows you to instantly compare the original tri-merge credit report with a more recent report to detect new undisclosed liabilities, credit inquires, derogatory changes, and balance/payment changes.

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