Product Overview

Lenders are faced with a variety of challenges - from assessing risk on underbanked consumers to verifying the identification of credit applicants. But 91% of U.S. consumers have at least one utility or telco account, and more than half are willing to share this data for loan approval consideration.*

Payment Insights offers a consumer-permissioned solution to provide lenders with access to utility and telco data - so you can gain a more comprehensive view of consumers' financial picture and enhance lending decisions.

*Data and Analytics from Equifax


Payment Insights

Payment Insights is a consumer-permissioned utility and telco data solution to help lenders gain a more comprehensive view of a consumers financial picture. Through direct access to consumer utility and telecom accounts, Payment Insights captures and delivers bill data from Urjanet's global network of providers.

Key Benefits

  • Approve more applicants by increasing the scorable audience with consumer-permissioned utility and telco data from Urjanet
  • Gain insight on existing customers as well as thin and no-hit credit profiles to uncover new revenue opportunities
  • Leverage fully automated technology to reduce the need for manual reviews 
  • Enhance risk decisioning and verify address and occupancy information with data that goes beyond the traditional credit report
  • Access bill data including payment history for electric, natural gas, water, cable, and telecom accounts
  • Improve the consumer experience through faster credit reviews and enhanced service

Who It's For

AltFi and Traditional Lenders

Need additional data to expand the prospect pool, enhance risk assessment, authenticate addresses, and approve more applicants for credit

Insurance Underwriters and Assessors

Understand a richer picture of applicants to extend better pricing and offers

Credit underwriters

Better understand thin and no-file consumers to more accurately assess their risk

Commercial lenders

Need additional data for credit risk expansion and processing of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

Rental services and platforms

Incorporate additional data to enhance tenant verification

Key Stats

Data available for about 90% of U.S. population
Includes 12 months of payment history in near real-time
Includes network of 6,500+ electricity, telecom, natural gas, water, and waste accounts
Product Sheet

Leverage utility and telco data to inform credit decisioning

Payment Insights is a consumer-permissioned utility and telco data solution that provides lenders with a more comprehensive view of consumers' financial picture. Learn more about how this alternative data from Urjanet can help you increase approvals and enhance lending decisions.
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