Product Overview

Customer Portfolio Review™ delivers the ability to proactively screen the accounts in your portfolio against customized criteria. This powerful tool can quickly provide deeper customer behavior insights, support informed decisioning, and keep portfolio profitability in focus.

Customer Portfolio Review complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
Helping You Archieve

What Customer Portfolio Review Can Help You Do

  • Reduce losses and risk by monitoring creditworthiness of accounts
  • Segment accounts with our library of credit attributes and 24-month trended data
  • Explore market-driven and loan-specific attributes
  • Get early warning of potential for delinquency or default
  • Segment accounts to enhance credit line management and deepen customer relationships
  • Strengthen compliance and fraud mitigation by spotting issues sooner
  • Determine funding for debt reserves
How It Works

Layered Data for Better Perspective

Using our vast consumer data sources, attributes, scores, employment information, and more, Customer Portfolio Review appends fresh information to your existing data to help you better understand your current mix of customers. You get practical, dynamic insights around risk distribution, customer segments, and changes in scores since purchase or origination.

Review Accounts Frequently to Better Spot Risk

Periodic account reviews may not be enough during an uncertain economy. Increase the frequency of account reviews to quickly identify changes in customers' credit and take action faster to prevent losses.
  • Shift from annual to quarterly reviews - and increase the amount of exposed dollar risk that can be saved by 3.5 times
  • Shift from annual to monthly to save 6x more


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Connect with our sales team and discover how this product can meet your business needs.

Contact Us

Connect with our sales team and discover how Customer Portfolio Review can meet your business needs.

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