Ability to Pay Index

Segment households by their likely economic capacity with Ability to Pay Index

Product Overview

Ability to Pay Index™ (ATP) Index is a modeled scoring system that ranks households from 1 to 1,000 based on their likely economic capacity used alone or as part of models that incorporate consumer financial variables.

ATP Index can help marketers more efficiently assess customer portfolios, enhance targeting, better identify high-potential households for marketing efforts, tailor promotions, rank leads, and help inform account management. ATP Index is available both offline and online applications.
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Who It's For

Differentiate between households that may look similar on the surface.

Incorporate data into predictive models and
in-house segmentation systems

Campaign Manager

Deepen understanding of target audiences and growth opportunities

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Ability to Pay Index

  • Presents a multi-faceted view of households’ likely finances, as an index score, and includes - estimated total household income, estimated discretionary spending, aggregated credit, demographics, and behavioral attributes.
  • Offers a household scoring system and ranks likely economic capacity to help prioritize marketing efforts for greater efficiency.
  • Provides a continuous modeled score ranging from 1 to 1000, with a score of 1000 being the most likely to have higher economic capacity.
  • Inform campaign planning across the customer lifecycle, prioritize households for cross-sell / up-sell and retention efforts, and better match products to households' likely financial means.
  • ATP Index scores can be appended to any customer or prospect file to rank households based on their likely economic capacity and can also be used for online marketing efforts.
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