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Everything You Need to Know About Credit Reports, All in One Place


Teaching Your Kids to Be Financially Capable

Be sure to show your children the keys to financial success — from building a budget to establishing a credit history and everything in between.

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Your Mid-Year Financial Checklist

How often do you check on your finances? A mid-year financial review can help you stay on track for annual financial goals

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Credit and Debt After Death: What You Need to Know

If you are in charge of a loved one’s estate following their death, be sure to consider what steps you may need to take to settle their debts or credit accounts.

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How Transgender People Can Change Their Name On Their Equifax Credit Report

If you've changed your legal name, you can also dispute your Equifax Credit Report to reflect your updated information. Learn how to update your name here.

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What is a Consumer Statement and Should I Have One?

What is a consumer statement, and when should they be used? Equifax helps clarify the best ways to use consumer statements in this guide. Learn more here.

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What Does That Mean? A Guide to Equifax Credit Report Terminology

When reviewing your Equifax credit report, you might not know what some terms mean. We define some words you may see on your credit reports. 

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What is a Credit Report and What Does it Include?

Learn more about your credit reports, why they're important and the information typically included on your Equifax credit report.

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What Do Interest Rates Really Mean?

Put simply, interest is the price you pay to borrow money. Before you agree to a loan, understand how your interest rate will affect the total amount you owe.

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Credit Myths and Facts You Should Know

How much do you know about credit? Take our true/false quiz to test your credit IQ.

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What to Know Before Applying for Financial Aid

Thinking about how to pay for college or a graduate degree? There are many different financial aid options available to students, regardless of credit history. 

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Managing Credit Accounts and Finances for a Loved One

Whether it's an aging parent or friend, or a family member with special needs, here are a few things to know about managing someone else's credit accounts and finances.

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Understanding Your Equifax Credit Report and Credit History

Your credit reports contain information summarizing how you have handled credit accounts, including the types of accounts and your payment history. Learn why it's important to check it regularly.

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