Supporting Consumers

Empowering Consumers and Improving Their Experience

Equifax plays an important role in the financial lives of consumers. When people engage with our support teams around the world, we work to make their experience as friendly and helpful as possible. We strive for the highest quality and effectiveness in our interactions with consumers, as well as in the accuracy and reliability of our consumer reports.

Being There for Consumers

Equifax is committed to being consumer friendly at every touchpoint.

Our Consumer Services Center and call center agents are often the first point of contact that consumers have with Equifax, and our interactive voice response system is designed to help resolve any potential issues faster. It is supported by a service center staffed by skilled agents to help consumers understand and manage their Equifax credit file. Our hearing impaired services are fully compatible with real-time text (RTT) technology, creating more inclusive and accessibility to the hearing impaired community. And, in 2023, we reviewed and revised written consumer communications - information sent from Equifax by email or the U.S. Postal Service outside of the dispute process - to ensure that they are easy for consumers to understand. Updated communications will begin in the second half of 2024.

Positive Economic Change Starts With a Single Opportunity

For consumers seeking online information, we maintain a robust online Knowledge Center as well as the Equifax Learn video series designed to answer the most common questions that people have about U.S. credit reports and credit scores.

Our Focus on Accuracy

We are always working to make our credit reports as accurate and reliable as possible. When it comes to credit report accuracy, we believe that even one error is one too many. We are committed to improving our data processes and transparently reporting our accuracy metrics on a monthly basis.

For the month of June 2024, Equifax U.S. consumer credit report accuracy was 99.84%.

This metric is determined by calculating the number of tradelines, collections, and bankruptcy disputes within the month that resulted in a change to a U.S. consumer credit report (regardless of whether that change had any impact on a consumer's credit score).

As part of our commitment to accuracy, we are continuously monitoring and enhancing our processes to improve data quality in consumer credit files and making it easier for consumers to access their Equifax credit report and correct any potential errors quickly. We also are working with our data furnishers to enhance the accuracy of information reported to us. And, as part of our over $1.5 billion investment in the Equifax Cloud, we are continually developing new programs that will allow us to identify potential accuracy issues and correct them before a consumer disputes information on their credit report.

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