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We Drive Businesses Forward, Faster

Equifax continuously innovates to help organizations make intelligent decisions more rapidly and with greater confidence.

Innovation That Accelerates Business Growth

Equifax has been driving responsible AI innovation for nearly a decade with a commitment to ensuring transparency and explainability in the use of AI. Our more than 1,000 data and analytics professionals around the world anticipate the evolving challenges that our customers and consumers face - innovating not just for today, but for future growth.

Equifax uses AI Systems in a transparent, trustworthy, fair, explainable, and secure manner, to provide benefits to consumers, customers, and our technical and business operations. We have 90+ approved patents supporting our approach to AI and our patent portfolio centers on the creation of models for use in financial decisioning and fraud prevention.

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The Equifax Cloud™ and Data Fabric

The Equifax Cloud is a proprietary global technology and security infrastructure that sets us apart in the industry. Custom built as a foundation for our advanced data fabric, it enables us to manage a large volume of diverse datasets in keeping with regulatory requirements. Deep, accurate and high-quality data is core to the successful use of AI∗, and with the Equifax Cloud we can maximize AI performance — for faster, trusted results.

*Not all Equifax data is used in the development and training of AI models.

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Committed to Keeping Our Customers Ahead of the Curve

As technology and markets evolve, so do the solutions and services we offer to help our clients succeed. We are committed to helping organizations anticipate what’s next while providing the best possible experience for their customers.


92% of primary Equifax customers are very satisfied with our quality of products and solutions

Source: Insights Lab September 2023

Partnerships Built on Trust and Collaboration

We believe true partnerships are founded on accountability, consistency, and ultimately trust. We're proud to be recognized by our customers for our dedication to serving their businesses.

Deep Expertise Spanning Industries and Solutions

We solve a range of customer needs — from credit risk assessment, fraud detection and prevention, HR compliance management, verification services, marketing, and more — for organizations around
the world.

We Help Create Global Opportunities

2.9B+ credit files delivered to United States lenders YTD

100.1M U.S. consumers obtained credit and retail cards

62M consumers in India secured microfinance loans

735k people in the United Kingdom purchased a home

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