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Update Company Contact Information

For address/contact/company name updates click here for a document to complete and return.  If ownership of a company has changed, please contact Customer Support via 1-888-407-0359 for additional instructions. 

Update Your ePort Company Admin

To initiate a request to update an existing administrator in ePort click here.  Please allow 24 hours for processing.  If your ePort administrator is still with the company, please contact your administrator to get added.  If you need to validate who your administrator is please call 1-888-407-0359 or email

Inquiry Maintenance Submission

For information on the guidelines to request an inquiry posting review use the form below. Completed forms must be emailed to

***Please Note: Effective September 10th, 2019, the PDF form (below) will be the only form available to submit Inquiry Maintenance requests. ***

*Adobe reader is required

Submitting a Request to Cancel Your Equifax Account

To initiate a request to cancel your Equifax business account click here for a document to complete and return. Please Note - All existing account numbers must be listed.

Third Party Vendor Support

Accessing/Inquiring On My Personal Credit File

You have selected a non-business option. Please visit the Customer Service Center.

Reporting Data To Equifax

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