Update: Equifax releases new information on 2017 cybersecurity incident.

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Control who has access to your Equifax® credit report. It's free.

Equifax is helping put you in control of your Equifax credit report. With Lock & Alert, you can quickly and easily lock and unlock your Equifax credit report with a click or swipe, and we’ll send a confirmation alert.1

Lock or freeze your Equifax credit report

Both a lock and a security freeze can help prevent unauthorized access to your Equifax credit report. The primary difference with Lock & Alert is you click or swipe to lock and unlock your credit report.¹

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Understand your credit

Credit can be complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. Learning responsible credit behavior can set you up to reach your goals. Find out what’s in your Equifax credit report, how your credit score is calculated, and how to get on track in your credit journey.

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Online ID Theft

Help better protect yourself from identity theft

Learn how to help better protect your identity, and what you should look out for. Find out how identity theft happens, and whether you or your children may be at risk. And if you've been the victim of identity theft, find out what you can do immediately to begin the recovery process.

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Make a Large Purchase

Make a large purchase

Life is a series of milestones, and when it comes to finances, knowledge is your most valuable asset. If you’re planning to buy a home, purchase a car, or take out a loan, find out what potential lenders are looking for.

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  1. Locking your Equifax credit file will prevent access to it by certain third parties. Locking your Equifax credit file will not prevent access to your credit file at any other credit reporting agency. Entities that may still have access to your Equifax credit file include: companies like Equifax Global Consumer Solutions which provide you with access to your credit report or credit score, or monitor your credit file; federal, state, and local government agencies; companies reviewing your application for employment; companies that have a current account or relationship with you, and collection agencies acting on behalf of those whom you owe; for fraud detection purposes; and companies that wish to make pre-approved offers of credit or insurance to you. To opt out of such pre-approved offers, visit www.optoutprescreen.com.