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To grow and protect your customer base, you must recognize businesses and consumers that align with your ideal customer profile and risk appetite. Equifax offers the specialized solutions and expertise you need to enhance your marketing and risk management programs. Spot relevant business trends, identify market opportunities and reach the best-fit prospects—before your competition—with your most relevant, profitable offers.

Furthermore, we deliver exclusive industry insights, analytics and automated decisioning capabilities that can help you make stronger offers, onboard new customers faster and establish a higher quality of service that maximizes account revenues throughout the customer relationship.

We also assist with today's biggest workforce challenges: I-9 compliance, ACA management, onboarding documentation, and employment verification. Our solutions are designed to help keep you compliant and operating efficiently across dispersed locations and varying employee populations.

Featured Products and Solutions
Optimize collections and credit management processes with cloud-based workflow automation technology
Business Credit Reports
Make sound risk decisions based on comprehensive company profiles and business credit data
Commercial Analytical Services
Leverage commercial analytics for improved market insights, performance analysis and business decisions
EFX Link
Linkage of your business and consumer customers' information to identify new sales opportunities
Customer Data Management
Cleanse, consolidate, and enrich your business customer information
Credit Information
Speed decisions with direct access to superior credit data
Account Management Triggers
Actionable risk insight to strengthen portfolio performance
Trended Credit Attributes
Target the ideal customer with expanded consumer credit insight
InstaTouch® Suite
Less Friction. Better Experiences. Faster Acquisition.