Fuel Your Marketing with a View of the Consumer Wallet

How well do you know your customers financially? In today's shifting economy, it is important to know which consumers have the right financial profile for your offers. 

We help marketers gain an expanded view of consumers’ financial pictures by offering:
  • Wealth and economic insights
  • Credit insights
  • Alternative data insights

Our consumer financial insights are the key ingredients that marketers and lenders need to better understand consumers’ financial health and their ability to successfully manage their finances. Leverage our insights to identify consumers that can:
  • Spend - even with rising prices
  • Build wealth - even with rising expenses
  • Meet financial commitments - even when under financial stress

Expand Your Customer Base and Grow Your Revenue

Incorporate consumer financial insights into your marketing plans to gain new customers, deepen relationships, and drive revenue.

Find better prospects

Segment and target consumers based on economic and behavioral attributes

Personalize communications

Drive customer engagement through tailored offers that demonstrate customer knowledge

Grow your wallet share

Effectively cross- and upsell to build loyalty and retain your best customers

Create better customer experiences

Ensure every interaction is as frictionless as possible

Extend more credit with confidence

Accurately predict financial capacity and assess risk for more consumers

Wealth and Economic Insights

Assets. Income. Affluence. Spending. Financial Durability. Aggregated Credit.

These unique insights into the household wallet are what distinguish our marketing data from all other targeting and segmentation options available today. Our wealth and economic insights help marketers understand the key factors that drive consumer investment decisions, spending, and borrowing. 

With a foundation of anonymous measured assets - about 45% of all investable assets - gathered from financial services firms that are part of the IXI Network, our wealth and economic insights help marketers:

⦁ Drive investment and deposit growth

⦁ Gain insight into consumer buying and investment styles, behaviors, and preferences

⦁ Understand households’ ability to spend, save, and pay for financial commitments

Credit Insights

Effective lending acquisition and cross-sell start with a robust picture of consumer credit.

With a foundation of credit data for over 220 million consumers in the U.S., we offer over 7,000 regulated credit attributes, scores, and other capabilities. From turnkey to custom prescreen and account management projects, our credit insights can help you acquire the right audiences for your lending offers and find new opportunities to grow your portfolio while managing risk.

Alternative Data

To compete in today’s lending environment, relying on core credit data may not be enough. Plus, over 77 million consumers have thin files or are credit invisible. 

However, the majority of these consumers have other financial transactions that can be used to uncover additional qualified applicants for lending acquisition and cross-sell campaigns. Deepen your view of consumer finances and expand access to credit with alternative data such as:

⦁ Day-to-day bill pay behaviors

⦁ Employment and income data

⦁ Specialty finance payments

⦁ Optimized credit risk scores by tradeline

Omni-Channel Execution

Today’s consumers are inseparable from their devices — which means marketers need to reach consumers where they spend their time. 

Leveraging digital channels for marketing acquisition campaigns not only extends message reach but also optimizes budgets and helps consumers take advantage of your offers faster.

⦁ Engage audiences in their inbox
⦁ Amplify campaigns through display, mobile, and social
⦁ Prospect for new online audiences likely to be a good fit for your offers 

Premier Partners

Access our unique data across an array of data marketplaces and online platforms. Easily find and integrate the data you need to fuel your marketing campaigns. Plus team with our partners to assist with campaign execution across channels.

Exclusive Wealth Insights for Financial Services Firms

When financial services firms join the IXI Network, they can leverage proprietary wealth solutions based on about $27.7T in anonymous, direct-measured assets gathered from leading financial institutions. With our exclusive wealth insights, financial marketers can:

⦁ Gauge share of customer assets 
⦁ Identify households with the most asset, investment, and deposit growth opportunity
⦁ Understand investment product preferences and behaviors
⦁ Identify and size markets by asset-growth potential

About 20% of households hold over 84% of the nation’s wealth. As part of the IXI Network, we can help you find these valuable consumers. 

Explore and Access the Data

Marketers have the option to analyze so much data, it can be hard to know where to start. 

Our cloud-based Ignite platform can help marketers and developers dig into a wide range of datasets and analyze an unlimited number of scenarios to optimize their marketing strategies and models.

Leverage our on-demand data marketplaces and real-time API to access the data you need to fuel your campaigns and models.

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