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Credit Risk How to Predict Bankruptcy Risk and Help Safeguard Your Lending Portfolio

The current dynamic economic landscape presents a complex challenge for lenders. They have relied on traditional credit scores to assess [...]

Credit Risk 3 Ways to Improve Operational Efficiency While Boosting Access to Credit

Unleash the power of Equifax alternative data and AI-powered risk decisioning from Provenir As a financial services provider, you [...]

Credit Risk Navigating Economic Crossroads: Insights from Market Pulse Webinar

Welcome to the May 2024 Market Pulse Webinar recap. Our goal is to keep you plugged in to what you need to know to navigate today's econ [...]

Credit Risk Economic Insights on Credit and Affordability

The March Market Pulse webinar resonated deeply with our audience. It delved into the complexities of affordability and its effects o [...]

Credit Risk Beyond the Numbers: Answering Your Burning Questions on Delinquency, Interest Rates, and More

During March’s Market Pulse webinar, we gave our audience what they have been requesting: extended time for Q&A with our premiere li [...]

Credit Risk Navigating Uncertain Economic Terrain: Insights for Telco and Utility Industries

In today's fast changing economic environment, staying informed about macroeconomic trends is essential for businesses across various se [...]

Credit Risk A Day in the Life of a Risk Professional

  Risk management is a multifaceted field that remains an enigma to many. In the latest episode of the Market Pulse podc [...]

Credit Risk Revving Up: Essential Strategies for Succeeding in the Evolving Auto Market of 2024

Shift into high gear In our energetic February 2024 Market Pulse webinar, our experts presented a roadmap for driving success [...]

Credit Risk Understanding Affordability in Terms of 2024 Market Trends

Our January Market Pulse webinar discussed all aspects of affordability in our current financial market. Our experts shared their deep k [...]

Credit Risk The Top Strategy Insurers Need to Win the Pricing Battle, Boost Sales, and Cut Acquisition Costs

Nobody likes wasting time and money…and yet, insurance carriers present rate quotes for home and car insurance without knowing their rea [...]

Credit Risk Consumer Credit Trends: Your Questions Answered

During our December 7 Market Pulse webinar, experts shared insights, empowering you to look back at the economic and consumer landscap [...]

Credit Risk Looking Back on 2023 and Focusing on Forward for 2024

During the final Market Pulse webinar of 2023, we took a look at the past year’s economic and consumer landscape and then presented an e [...]

Credit Risk Impact of Global Economic Headwinds on Consumers: Your Questions Answered

During our November 16 Market Pulse webinar, experts shared insights and actionable advice, empowering you to navigate the intricate t [...]

Credit Risk Federal Student Loan Debt – What’s the Impact on Your Portfolio?

Take the full capacity of the largest college football stadium (“The Big House” at the University of Michigan at 107,6001) and multiply [...]

Credit Risk What Does Consumer Financial Stress Mean for Lenders? We Offer 4 Tips.

The warning signs are all around us: many consumers are financially stressed. Already, consumers are getting squeezed by high inflation [...]

Credit Risk Why Student Loan Debt is a Real Risk for Credit Unions

When we speak with our credit union clients, we often bring up the potential impact of student loan debt. After all, student loans are h [...]

Credit Risk Market Pulse Webinar: How to Strengthen Origination Resilience

In the fast-paced world of finance and economic policy, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. The September 2023 Market Pul [...]

Credit Risk The Roadmap to Navigate Student Loans and Mitigate Risk

We are in uncharted economic territory. This month’s Market Pulse webinar is a must-listen to get ahead of the economic fluctuations we [...]

Credit Risk Student Loan Repayment Risk. Here’s How to Get Ready.

In our first article in this series, we discussed the magnitude of the student loan debt. Over 43 million student loan borrowers. Over $ [...]

Credit Risk How Lenders Can Find the Hidden Risk in their Portfolio

The last three years has brought a range of micro and macroeconomic storms. Shifts in spending behavior and the influx of [...]

Credit Risk Student Loan Repayment Could Spell Risk for Your Portfolio. Are You Ready?

This is the first of a two-part blog series. Look out for the second article to learn how lenders can prepare to address student loan risk [...]

Credit Risk Beyond Credit Scores: Why the Whole Consumer Matters

In a murky and  mysterious economic landscape, there can be uncertainty and hesitation. In July’s Market Pulse webinar, we discussed key [...]

Credit Risk How the Financial Industry can Assess Risk as Federal Student Loan Payments Restart

  Millions of consumers will have to budget for another monthly payment in October. That’s when the federal student loan [...]

Credit Risk Banks and Financial Services can Engage Customers with Credit Health Monitoring Tools

We live in a fast paced digital era. That's why banks and financial service providers are looking for innovative ways to engage customers [...]

Credit Risk How to Monitor Your Pipeline for Undisclosed Debt

You’ve seen it before:  A borrower’s application - approved. Credit obligations and documentation - checked. [...]

Credit Risk 3 Ways Credit Unions Can Digitally Reduce Fraud While Protecting Their Members’ Experience

Fraud is an ever-present threat. It is especially harmful at a time when credit unions are needing to shore up liquidity and fight for e [...]

Credit Risk How Lenders Can Score and Approve More Applicants While Managing Risk

The nation’s consumers are becoming even more financially diverse. Think about young consumers and the growing number of immigrants who [...]

Credit Risk 5 Best Practices for Credit Union Portfolio Reviews

One action credit unions can take to gain control in an uncertain environment is to effectively use portfolio reviews. That way they can [...]

Credit Risk Score 21% More Consumers and Approve 15.5% More Applicants with a Single Risk Score

During these challenging economic times, lenders need to strike a balance between growing their lending portfolios and managing risk. In [...]

Credit Risk Spot Default Risk Early – Before it Impacts Your Portfolio

Even with rising interest rates and economic uncertainty, consumers are still expected to seek out new unsecured loans and lines of credit [...]

Credit Risk It’s Here - A Single Risk Score to Expand Your Lending Pool

For lenders, today’s economy is causing some angst. While lending remains strong, many lenders are concerned about growth. How can they [...]

Credit Risk 3 Ways to Delight Credit Union Members and Skyrocket Account Growth

Spoiler alert: it’s NOT what you think of when you think “Equifax” Everything you do as a credit union centers around your member [...]

Credit Risk Major Benefits of Credit Reporting for Both Consumers and Lenders

Reporting can be a pain point for many lenders. Yet, it’s an important part of ensuring lenders get an accurate picture of a consumer’s [...]

Credit Risk Use Analytics to Find Fast, Direct Paths to Profitability

We’re talking weeks, not months, or years A lot of businesses feel “stuck” in today’s uncertain market, unsure about how to get [...]

Credit Risk Strategies for Credit Unions to Grow Deposits in Any Economy

In today’s shifting economy, many credit unions continue to focus on maintaining adequate liquidity. Lower interest rates over the past [...]

Credit Risk The Simple Ways Lenders Can Find Hidden Opportunities

From record inflation and rising interest rates, to wavering consumer spending power and a potential hiring slowdown, the ever-changing [...]

Credit Risk High-Performing Credit Risk Models for Financial Firms of All Sizes? Yes Please.

Big banks are flush with data and analytic resources. Optimizing their credit risk models is a seamless, efficient process. It’s [...]

Credit Risk Mitigate Risk in Your Portfolio with These Review Tips

You might be asking yourself the $20 trillion-dollar question: are we in a recession? And, what does that mean for risk in my portfolio? [...]

Credit Risk Personalize Digital Interactions to Enhance the Credit Union Member Experience

Credit union marketers have a full plate. They need to attract new members, deepen relationships with existing members, and provide a positi [...]

Credit Risk 3 Ways Lenders can Protect from Undisclosed Debt with Dual Bureau Monitoring

In today's quickly changing mortgage environment, Lenders deserve simplicity.    Digital monitoring solutions like Undisclosed Deb [...]

Credit Risk Credit Unions: Say “approved” more by looking past traditional credit

Confidently serve below-prime members by seeing the bigger picture Approved. It’s a magic word. Especially for the estimated 77 million Ame [...]

Credit Risk How Data can Help Marginalized Communities Become Homeowners

Facing the problem  Homeownership is a primary wealth builder for most Americans. Sadly, there are still strong barriers for marginali [...]

Credit Risk Promoting Consumer Financial Health with BNPL

As U.S. consumers continue to migrate their shopping habits toward online merchants and become more aware of point of sale financing alterna [...]

Credit Risk How Cloud-Based Solutions Strengthen the Digital Mortgage Process

Powering the world with knowledge For borrowers and lenders alike, the last two years have been a time of change. There has been a shift in [...]

Credit Risk Analysis: How Buy Now, Pay Later can Impact Consumer Credit Scores

For our February 10 Market Pulse webinar, we discussed Buy Now, Pay Later and their effect on consumer credit scores, plus consumer credit t [...]

Credit Risk FICO® and Equifax Answer Your Questions on BNPL

We had an overwhelming attendance and response at this month’s Market Pulse webinar on the rising financial service, Buy Now, Pay Later (BNP [...]

Credit Risk Expand Credit Access with Buy Now, Pay Later

As Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) transaction volumes continued to rise through the holiday season, one of the most asked questions is, how does [...]

Credit Risk Powering the Energy Market: Your Questions Answered

For our December 2 Market Pulse webinar, our panel of experts discussed the current and future state of the energy industry. This month’s pr [...]

Credit Risk Powering the Energy Market in 2022

Fireside chat with Just Energy In our December 2 webinar, our moderator, Rissa Reddan, Demand Generation Leader of U.S. Information Solutio [...]

Credit Risk What to know about Buy Now, Pay Later

Buy Now, Pay Later has continued global growth, with U.S. adoption up sharply over the last two years. The service, which originated from Au [...]

Credit Risk Outlook on 2022

For our December 2 Market Pulse webinar, our panel of experts discussed the current and future state of the energy market. This month’s pres [...]

Credit Risk Podcast: ‘Tis the Season for Buy Now, Pay Later

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) financing is soaring in popularity this holiday season. Consumers are using these loans to purchase everything fro [...]

Credit Risk A Centralized Decision Management Platform for Financial Institutions

Today, financial institutions need to be agile, fast, and flexible to keep pace with the changing market and customer dynamics. Digitizati [...]

Credit Risk Lending FAQS: Keep Pace with the Mortgage Market

The mortgage industry is constantly changing. But these lending FAQs can help you keep up with the latest trends and gain a competitive edge [...]

Credit Risk Help Borrowers Move Through the Mortgage Process

Buying a home can be stressful and confusing — especially if a consumer is trying to learn about credit and how their credit score can impac [...]

Credit Risk JD Power: 4 Ways the Auto Industry is Changing

The rate of change in the auto industry is accelerating. And it’s not powered by just one factor; it’s a complex mix of industry and soc [...]

Credit Risk Small Business Insights: October 2021

This is a recap of our October 20 Small Business Insights webinar, where our very own Sarah Briscoe, Lead Commercial Statistical Analyst at [...]

Credit Risk How Credit Unions are Helping Foster Credit Access

This is a recap of our October 7 Market Pulse webinar, where we discussed the importance of credit unions in gaining access to credit. This [...]

Credit Risk Credit Unions’ Role in Credit Access: Your Questions Answered

Successful credit unions work hard to attract new members, strengthen existing member relationships, and give the community direct access to [...]

Credit Risk Latest Small Business Lending, Delinquency, and Default Data

Small business continues to dominate news headlines. In this recap of our webinar, “Small Business Insights: August 2021,” Elaine Makdah, Se [...]

Credit Risk Leverage Small Business Indices and Foster Financial Inclusion

One-On-One Chat with CEO of Markaaz  This is a recap of our one-on-one chat during our August 18 Small Business Insights webinar. This [...]

Credit Risk The Shifting Fintech Landscape

The economy is recovering and the outlook for small businesses is continuing to remain strong. Fintechs have started to step away from tradi [...]

Credit Risk Saying "Yes" More Benefits Everyone

Consumers and businesses need access to credit and lending to live and perform. Yet, 91.5 million consumers struggle to gain access to mains [...]

Credit Risk The Shifting Fintech Landscape: Your Questions Answered

As the economy recovers the outlook for small businesses remains strong. Fintechs have started to step away from traditional credit data and [...]

Credit Risk Comperemedia: The Lure of Challenger Banks

The banking landscape is changing. Challenger banks, also known as neobanks, have taken off in popularity, especially since more people [...]

Credit Risk Industry Point of View: Buy Now Pay Later

Updated 5/11/2023: The White House declared the end of the Covid-19 Health Emergency May 11, 2023 so some of the details mentioned in th [...]

Credit Risk Equifax to Present 14 Papers at Global Credit Conference

Post 2020, financial inclusion is the common theme This week, top data and analytics experts from Equifax and around the world will discuss [...]

Credit Risk Auto Industry Trends, Your Questions Answered

As most of the country opens back up, the Automotive Industry continues to see pent-up consumer demand, inventory shortages, and increases i [...]

Credit Risk How Equifax is Helping Expand Access to Credit

At the Virtual Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) Law & Industry Conference on July 12-14 2021, Peter Maynard, Senior Vice Pr [...]

Credit Risk Podcast: Financial Inclusion’s Role in the Economic Recovery

A More Inclusive Credit Scoring Model Economists refer to the U.S. recovery as ‘K-shaped’, meaning that one segment of the population is pr [...]

Credit Risk Accelerating Access to Credit: A Critical Discussion

In this recap of our June 24 webinar, “Market Pulse: Accelerating Access to Credit,” Chris Wheat, Co-President at JPMorgan Chase Institute; [...]

Credit Risk Podcast: Entrepreneurship & Credit in the Post-COVID Era

Demand Growing for Small Business Credit With economists predicting a GDP growth rate of 6.5% in the fourth quarter and consumer spending b [...]

Credit Risk What’s Next for the Post-Pandemic Small Business Economy?

In this recap of our June 3 webinar, “Market Pulse: The Post-Pandemic Small Business Economy,” Evan Leaphart, Founder and CEO of Kiddie Kred [...]

Credit Risk 6/3 Market Pulse, Your Questions Answered

As we emerge from the pandemic, small businesses are integral to the health of the post-COVID economy. For our June 3 Market Pulse webinar, [...]

Credit Risk 5 Ways to Improve Credit Decisioning

Many businesses operate in a transactional environment that requires fast credit decisioning. However, a variety of obstacles prevent them [...]

Credit Risk The Journey to Help Consumers Hear “Yes” More

Equifax has come a long way since its founding in 1899 by a pair of Tennessee-based grocers. Those long-ago grocers compiled lists of cu [...]

Credit Risk 5/6 Market Pulse, Your Questions Answered

Updated 5/11/2023: The White House declared the end of the Covid-19 Health Emergency May 11, 2023 so some of the details mentioned in th [...]

Credit Risk Kicking Off the Summer Auto-Buying Season

Memorial Day weekend, the much-anticipated kick-off to the summer automotive sales season, is right around the corner. For most auto dealers [...]

Credit Risk Podcast: Growing Optimism and a Rising GDP

Light at the End of the Tunnel The U.S. economic forecast is strong. In fact, Moody’s Analytics’ outlook for 2021 calls for 6.4% growth in [...]

Credit Risk Small Business Indices and the Return to Growth

Small business continues to dominate news headlines. Each month in our Commercial Small Business Insights webinars, we focus on what is happ [...]

Credit Risk The U.S. Economy and Consumer Wealth in 2021

This is a recap of the April 1 webinar, Market Pulse: The Tide is Turning. We are sharing key insights on the U.S. economy and consumer [...]

Credit Risk Undisclosed Debt: The Mortgage Blind Spot

Are you monitoring for undisclosed debt throughout the loan closing process?  The high-risk blind spot in the origination process i [...]

Credit Risk April Market Pulse - Your Questions Answered

With an increase in vaccinations, a second stimulus check and a wealth of pent-up demand, consumers are ready and willing to spend. For the [...]

Credit Risk 6 Positive Trends in the Auto Market

While the economy recovers from 2020, there are several trends that demonstrate the automotive industry’s resilience. At NADA last month, I [...]

Credit Risk 2021 Insights for Small Business and Commercial Real Estate

In this recap of our March 4 webinar, "Market Pulse: Return to Opportunity for Commercial Real Estate," Sarah Briscoe, senior statistical an [...]

Credit Risk How COVID-19 Lockdowns Have Impacted Credit Card Debt

Consumers maintain a tight grip on credit card spending in Q1 2021 NOTE: This is a March 2021 update to the original article published Dec. [...]

Credit Risk How will Vaccines Impact the 2021 U.S. Economy?

This is a recap of the March 4 webinar, Market Pulse: Return to Opportunity for Commercial Real Estate. We’re sharing key insights on the fu [...]

Credit Risk Podcast: Pent-Up Demand & Consumer Credit Expectations

After a year of credit tightening in 2020, consumer credit remains down across the board. That includes balances, utilization and delinq [...]

Credit Risk Q&A: Return to Opportunity for Commercial Real Estate

Updated 5/11/2023: The White House declared the end of the Covid-19 Health Emergency May 11, 2023 so some of the details mentioned in th [...]

Credit Risk Q&A: D.C. Power Shift, What’s Next?

A new administration in 2021 brings many changes. For our February 4 Market Pulse webinar, our panel of experts discussed the potential [...]

Credit Risk How will D.C. Power Shift Impact Economic and Regulatory Change?

In this recap of the January 14 webinar, Market Pulse: DC Power Shift, What's Next?, we share key insights from Amy Crews Cutts, Presid [...]

Credit Risk Visualizing XAI in Credit Risk

 AI models hold the promise of better solutions in risk decisions. But how do risk managers and compliance officers vet AI solutions fo [...]

Credit Risk What Does a K-Shaped Recovery Mean for the Economy?

We captured key insights from the January 14 webinar, Market Pulse: Planning in a K-Shaped Recovery, featuring Cris deRitis, Deputy Chie [...]

Credit Risk Podcast: Unpacking the Fiscal Stimulus

Updated 5/11/2023: The White House declared the end of the Covid-19 Health Emergency May 11, 2023 so some of the details mentioned in th [...]

Credit Risk 2021 Planning in a K-Shaped Recovery: Your Questions Answered

The start of a new year holds both uncertainty and hope for an economic recovery. For our January 14 Market Pulse webinar, our panel of expe [...]

Credit Risk Market Pulse: Year-End Holiday Spending Trends, Economic Insights

This is a recap of the December 10 webinar, Market Pulse: Consumer Spending Trends and Expectations. We’re sharing key insights offere [...]

Credit Risk Podcast: Holiday Gift or Kick the Can?

How will the latest political news and vaccine rollout impact holiday spending? It was a busy news week with talk of a stimulus deal and th [...]

Credit Risk Holiday 2020 Consumer Spending: Your Questions Answered

Businesses must learn how to take advantage of seasonal spending, while protecting their portfolios and mitigating risk. For the December 10 [...]

Credit Risk Economists Answer Your Questions About 2021

With a new president-elect and COVID-19 cases on the rise, businesses face some uncertainty as they plan ahead. The November 5 Market Pulse [...]

Credit Risk Podcast: Outlook for 2021 Economic Recovery

A Surge in COVID-19, Vaccine Expectations and Economic Stimulus The announcement of a vaccine is certainly cause for an upgrade in the traj [...]

Credit Risk Buy Now, Pay Later FinTechs: Gifting Greater Financial Health

Buy Now, Pay Later FinTechs are Well-Positioned to Drive Holiday Sales in 2020 Buy now, pay later FinTechs are well-positioned to enable a [...]

Credit Risk Podcast: Fiscal Stimulus and the K-Shaped Economy

The Real Question is “When” - not “If” - we will get Economic Stimulus As we count down to the U.S. election, the question of economic stim [...]

Credit Risk Podcast: What Direction will the Economy Take?

New Podcast Examines Latest Economic Trends for Consumer Credit and Small Business The Market Pulse podcast is a new production from E [...]

Credit Risk What is Alternative Data?

Updated 5/11/2023: The White House declared the end of the Covid-19 Health Emergency May 11, 2023 so some of the details mentioned in th [...]

Credit Risk Buy Now, Pay Later FinTechs Face Increasing Consumer Risks

Buy now, pay later FinTechs face merchant risks and consumer risks simultaneously Thank you for joining me for the second article in a thre [...]

Credit Risk September Update: How to Navigate the 2020 Economy

Updated 5/11/2023: The White House declared the end of the Covid-19 Health Emergency May 11, 2023 so some of the details mentioned in th [...]

Credit Risk Life Insurers Modernize their Business with Predictive Analytics

COVID-19 Gives New Meaning to Life Insurance Awareness Month September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, and there is no better time to re [...]

Credit Risk Top Risks Facing Buy Now, Pay Later FinTechs

This is part 1 of a 3-part series Accelerating Growth in the FinTech Space While the COVID-19 pandemic is upending the status quo for man [...]

Credit Risk Bridge the Gap Between Online Shopping and the Showroom

Updated 5/11/2023: The White House declared the end of the Covid-19 Health Emergency May 11, 2023 so some of the details mentioned in th [...]

Credit Risk How BHPH Dealers can Reduce Delinquent Payments

BHPH Lenders Need Alternative View of Customers' Ability to Pay It's paramount to keep sales moving during this time, not only for franchis [...]

Credit Risk 3 Ways Neural Networks Benefit Consumers

Why Proxy Model Explanations of Neural Networks Inevitably Fail  For financial service providers, credit risk modeling is all about id [...]

Credit Risk What Can Natural Disasters Tell Us About a COVID-19 Economic Recovery?

The Past as a Window to the Future In my last post, we spent time exploring methods to mitigate the loss of predictive power for risk sco [...]

Credit Risk May Market Pulse: You Ask, We Answer

May 2020 Market Pulse Series - FAQs Equifax and our expert guest speakers answered dozens of questions from attendees follow [...]

Credit Risk 3 Actions to Take Now to Improve Your Account Management

Updated 5/11/2023: The White House declared the end of the Covid-19 Health Emergency May 11, 2023 so some of the details mentioned in th [...]

Credit Risk Auto Industry Recovery: 3 Key Takeaways

The economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19 has impacted the automotive industry in complex ways. The entire auto ecosystem has been adaptin [...]

Credit Risk Preserving Predictive Power

How to Mitigate Decline in Predictive Power As you may recall from my last post, we examined the impact accommodation could have on credit [...]

Credit Risk Let the Data Tell the Story

Updated 5/11/2023: The White House declared the end of the Covid-19 Health Emergency May 11, 2023 so some of the details mentioned in th [...]

Credit Risk Q&A: Machine Learning and Explainable AI in Credit Risk

Ground-breaking modeling techniques fueled by machine learning and explainable artificial intelligence (xAI) are transforming the credit dec [...]

Credit Risk April Market Pulse: You Ask, We Answer

In this blog series, Equifax and expert guest speakers answer top of mind questions from attendees on the weekly Market Pulse Webinar Series [...]

Credit Risk Examining the Past to Understand the Future

Updated 5/11/2023: The White House declared the end of the Covid-19 Health Emergency May 11, 2023 so some of the details mentioned in th [...]

Credit Risk How to Manage Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance During Uncertainty

It's a Priority to Stay Vigilant Many of you are protecting workers by encouraging social distancing and providing work-from-home opti [...]

Credit Risk How Equifax is Helping Consumers Maintain Credit Standing During COVID-19

COVID-19 Has Made Phone, Pay TV and Internet Service Important to Our Quality of Life In the past, expenses such as wireless phones, landli [...]

Credit Risk How Rental Data Can Transform Consumer Credit

Did you know that 35% of U.S. households live in rental housing? It's true. [1] But most renters’ on-time housing payments are not reflecte [...]

Credit Risk 3 Things to Know About Trended Data

FICO recently announced that its new FICO®  Score 10 T, set to be released this summer, will include trended data. With this new opti [...]

Credit Risk 2020 Outlook: Plan for the Best. Prepare for the Worst.

Since the last U.S. recession in 2008, financial risk management has seen significant changes. Lending requirements are tighter, verific [...]

Credit Risk Predicting Bankruptcies: Do You Know What You Don't Know?

This question sounds absurd. But this is one of the most important questions lenders must ask themselves when making consumer credit de [...]

Credit Risk Make Your Credit Union the Consumer Favorite

Digital Disruption Shifts Expectations Credit unions are having to change how they interact with their members. Due to rapidly evolving t [...]

Credit Risk 3 Steps to Capitalize on the CECL Delay

In recent weeks, you may have heard that the Current Expected Credit Loss accounting standard - the regulation known as CECL - has been [...]

Credit Risk The Power of the Credit-based Insurance Score

Calibrating premium to risk is crucial to your business – and the business of daily life for your customers. What if improving accuracy [...]

Credit Risk Insurers Can Use Alternative Data to Better Understand “Invisible” Consumers

Insurers may face a conundrum when it comes to assessing a new policyholder’s prospective risk, especially if they lack a traditional credit [...]

Credit Risk FICO World 2019: A Recap from NYC

The autumn air is crisp, and the delicious smells from the nearby Halal Guys cart are tempting my senses. It’s a perfect Monday morning in N [...]

Credit Risk Use Case: How One Subprime Lender Used AI to Reduce Losses

Risk models eventually become less predictive or relevant due to evolving market conditions. New and improved versions routinely replace the [...]

Credit Risk 3 Innovative Ways to Expand Credit Access

Customer experience and customer growth go hand-in-hand. One way to improve your customer experience is to make better credit offers to more [...]

Credit Risk Getting Back to the Future of Credit

Did you know that the concept of credit has been around for over 5,000 years? While the methods for evaluating credit have evolved over [...]

Credit Risk 3 Ways Credit Unions Can Meet Member Expectations

Mobile Usage is Changing Member Experience   Did you know 88% of U.S. online adults now use a smartphone?[i] Living in an era of [...]

Credit Risk The Value of Alternative Data in a Downturn

Aite Group Report: Consumer Lenders Anticipate Slowdown If headlines have you wondering when a change in the credit cycle might occur - or [...]

Credit Risk Credit Scoring Leaders Reveal Innovations in Data and Analytics

Last week, top data and analytics experts from Equifax and around the world convened in Edinburgh, Scotland for Credit Scoring and Cr [...]

Credit Risk How a Maximum Viable Person Reduces Risk

Discover Your Diamond Customers Among the Rough Fraudsters. There is no doubt that today’s cybercriminals are dedicated to thei [...]

Credit Risk Alternative Data Sheds Light on Credit Invisibles

Lenders have historically used credit data to score consumers. But the problem with this approach is that it prevents lenders from seeing “c [...]

Credit Risk Personal Loans are Hot; Lenders Taking Note

Market Conditions Ripe for More Consumer Lending An improving economy means more people feel confident in their ability to pa [...]

Credit Risk A Better Way to Evaluate Applicants for Unsecured Personal Loans

Equifax has developed Insight Score™ for Personal Loans, a risk score optimized to help lenders evaluate applicants seekin [...]

Credit Risk Small Businesses Benefit from Renewed Equifax-SBFE Partnership

Equifax has recently extended its  agreement with the Small Business Financial Exchange, but what exactly does that mean [...]

Credit Risk How Property Managers Modernize the Application Process

In today’s increasingly digital environment, it's important for property managers to know who the millennial renter is and how to reach them [...]

Credit Risk Q&A: How Financial Institutions Can Leverage Customer Data

Chris Atwood Financial institutions (banks, credit unions, etc.) can sideline disruption and achieve customer growth with better data util [...]

Credit Risk Forrester Study: 2 Trends Changing Consumer Banking

Today’s consumers have many choices. Go to the grocery store or have meals delivered? Cable, satellite or streaming service? Drive your car [...]

Credit Risk EBook: 3 Tips for a Winning CECL Strategy

Many financial institutions are still evaluating their Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) implementation strategy. With implementation dead [...]

Credit Risk Authentication Strategies Every Credit Union Needs

A Two-step Authentication Approach Consumers are always on the go, using digital devices to make purchases, check account balan [...]

Credit Risk CECL Preparedness: Overcoming Data Gaps and Inaccuracies 

Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) will require financial institutions to gather data from various sources. Based on conversations w [...]

Credit Risk Evolution of Consumer Credit: Credit Risk Decisioning

The future of consumer credit is bright. Advancements in risk decisioning, account acquisition and relationship management are transforming [...]

Credit Risk The Potential Impact of CECL

Lending and the Economy While not its direct intent, the new current expected credit loss (CECL) standard could have a signific [...]

Credit Risk 5 High-Tech Strategies that Build Member Relationships

Meet Credit Union Members Where They Want to Do Business. It takes more than a “smile and a handshake” to develop a relationship [...]

Credit Risk Bringing Underbanked Consumers Out of the Shadows

In this guest post, Wyatt Jefferies, Sr. Director of PR for Equifax, explores the underbanked consumer with Joshua Sledge, Director on the P [...]

Credit Risk Next Generation of Credit Risk Modeling is Changing Everything

Banks and lenders want to deliver broader financial inclusion that enables them to score and approve more customers. But they don't want to [...]

Credit Risk Military Lending Act: 2 Things Auto Dealers & Lenders Should Know

Auto Dealers and Lenders Still Unclear on MLA We all respect and value our service members, and what they do to protect our f [...]

Credit Risk Just How Big is the Market for Premium Credit Cards?

Credit card lending is still on fire. There have never been so many consumer choices for premium cards. They have exclusive names like The [...]

Credit Risk Affordability: The Important Missing Detail in a Car Buying Decision

By: John Giamalvo, VP, Dealer Services, Automotive Elements of the car shopping process have certainly moved upstream to the consumer over t [...]

Credit Risk SPOTLIGHT: Neural Networks for Next Level Performance

Data Scientists: Do you love the new machine learning techniques but still can’t wrap your head around how to explain your results? Have y [...]

Credit Risk Can a new machine-learning technology transform credit assessment?

Data experts are excited about its potential Algorithms. Logistic regression. Both tried and true analytical methods. Yet, as much as these [...]

Credit Risk Military Lending Act: Compliance for Pawnbrokers

Compliance with the Military Lending Act (MLA) may not be on the radar of many pawnbrokers, but it should be and here’s why. If you’re a paw [...]

Credit Risk Insights that Drive Commercial Card Approvals

Are you a financial institution looking to grow your commercial credit card business?  Focusing on this market makes a lot of sense, es [...]

Credit Risk A Game Changing Increase in Predictive Power for Commercial Risk

As a financial institution in an ever-changing landscape with fast-moving competitors, how do you grow your card and loan portfolios and pro [...]

Credit Risk Westlake Financial Uses Dealer Intelligence Tool to Help Grow Portfolios

Equifax recently announced that Westlake Financial, a privately held financial company that specializes in the acquisition and servicing of [...]

Credit Risk Auto Dealers: Verify Income & Employment to Help Sell More Cars

Today, the average car buyer spends nearly 70 percent of the total purchase process online, rapidly clicking their way to exactly what they [...]

Credit Risk Upselling. Simplified.

Equifax BusinessConnect™ for Marketing Optimizes Sales to Current Customers Upselling and cross-selling are easier said than done. To do it [...]

Credit Risk White Paper: Comprehensive Data and Insights that Drive Smarter SMB Lending

Get a Big Picture View of Small Businesses Commercial payment performance data can help provide information on how a business is paying its [...]

Credit Risk Approve More Business Customers

How machine-learning technology can provide insights that drive growth with less risk Soaring increases in computing volume and a [...]

Credit Risk BusinessConnect™ Leverages Every Piece of Functionality within the® Platform

Many emerging technology solutions are so robust that it can be difficult to fully maximize their potential. However, Equifax likes a challe [...]

Credit Risk Revolutionize the Cloud’s Power with BusinessConnect™

It’s official: siloes don’t work. That’s why Equifax designed BusinessConnect™ to align three important revenue functions—Sales, Credit and [...]

Credit Risk The Top Five Predictors of Subprime Risk

Better assess subprime opportunities by looking at data and attributes that are often more predictive than traditional credit scores Most o [...]

Credit Risk Lenders Beware: HOAs Pack a Punch in Foreclosures

Walk into almost any homeowners’ association (HOA) meeting, listen to the discussions about unleashed dogs and roof repairs, and you might [...]

Credit Risk Top Mobile Commerce Trends Shaping Your Business

Recent mobile commerce trends are hinting at exponential market segment growth in the coming years. According to Goldman Sachs as published [...]

Credit Risk Tips for Auto Dealers Working with First-Time Buyers

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