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Data Driven Marketing Auto Loans at Credit Unions: 3 Surprises, 3 Risks, 3 Opportunities

When asked where to get an auto loan, a credit union might not be the first answer. But, credit unions are in fact a quite popular choice [...]

Data Driven Marketing 4 Tips to Capture Consumers In-Market for New Credit

At some point in almost every person’s life, there is a need to borrow money or have access to credit. Consumers need credit cards, mort [...]

Data Driven Marketing Need Archived Data in Days, Not Weeks? Done.

As today’s economic conditions continue to unfold—and often, surprise us all—it’s important to have an analytic strategy grounded in his [...]

Data Driven Marketing Want Data on Demand? Discover the Business-Changing Value of Federated Data.

Federated data isn’t “sexy” like AI. But in the world of data management, it’s a profound paradigm shift.  That’s because federat [...]

Data Driven Marketing 3 Questions that Foster Responsible Gaming in Today’s Economy

Responsible gaming is top of mind now more than ever. That’s because inflation, interest rates, and credit card balances are all high, as [...]

Data Driven Marketing 3 Opportunities to Grow Assets Based on Recent Market Trends

Consumers have kept a close eye on their portfolios during the past year. Despite the threat of a possible recession, consumers have con [...]

Data Driven Marketing Strategies for Credit Unions to Advance Digital Transformation

As member-first institutions, credit unions need to provide seamless, personalized services. To meet these expectations, credit unions are [...]

Data Driven Marketing 3 Unexpected Ways Equifax Can Help Grow Your Payments Business

You know that familiar chime on your phone when a payment is made? That, paired with the steady (metaphorical) hum of billions of dynamic [...]

Data Driven Marketing 4 Tips for Credit Unions to Market High Interest Deposit Products

As consumer savings declines and high interest investment options are more accessible, keeping and capturing new deposits continues to be [...]

Data Driven Marketing How Maricopa College is Using Data to Prove Education ROI

  Post-secondary educational institutions are facing unprecedented challenges. They include declining enrollment rates, af [...]

Data Driven Marketing Three Benefits of Using Verified Data to Prove Graduate Outcomes

The postsecondary education system is facing unprecedented challenges. Declining enrollment rates, college affordability concerns, con [...]

Data Driven Marketing Catapult Your Digital Agency Performance and Grow Your Clients’ Business, in Any Economy

Marketing has become a pressure cooker and digital agencies are feeling the heat. That’s partly because ongoing economic concerns are im [...]

Data Driven Marketing Unlock Business Growth: Meet Consumers Financial Wellness Needs

Financial wellness has emerged as a critical aspect of one’s overall well-being. Especially in today's fast-paced and ever-changing world [...]

Data Driven Marketing Marketing Spend - “Efficiency” is the Word of the Year

Making Sense of Marketing Trends Every business wants to increase revenue. But, to do that it’s important to find the hidden op [...]

Data Driven Marketing Lenders: Assess Your Firm’s Customer Diversity Goals

The demographic composition of current and prospective customer bases is changing. And, most financial providers recognize that. Consumers [...]

Data Driven Marketing How to Boost Credit Union Performance

Today’s credit unions want more account growth, more operational efficiency, and more digital services.¹ Yet, they also want something else. [...]

Data Driven Marketing Customer Growth: 3 Ways for Financial Service Firms to Drive Growth

(This blog is the first in a two part series.) Your financial services firm likely serves a wide range of consumers – each with varying fina [...]

Data Driven Marketing Podcast: What the Next Generation of Data Looks Like for the Auto Industry

I’ve spent my career in the automotive industry, and lately I’ve noticed a pattern. Data is critical for relevant marketing, but in rece [...]

Data Driven Marketing The Young Affluent: Tips to Capture Their Potential

Younger consumers are a valuable segment for most marketers.  They offer significant opportunities for future growth, customer lifetime [...]

Data Driven Marketing 4 Insights for Your University to Consider for Student Enrollment

The higher education landscape is evolving. Student applicants have more choices and options on their education than ever. With this in [...]

Data Driven Marketing Find Hidden Opportunity and Risk with DDM

Every business wants to increase revenue, but in order to do that it is important to find hidden opportunity and risk. At Equifax, we’ve bee [...]

Data Driven Marketing How to Present a Data-Driven Presentation

I’m a data scientist here at Equifax, which means I love numbers. But the numbers can become tricky to communicate when delivering a dat [...]

Data Driven Marketing 3 Ways to Incorporate Digital into Your Acquisition Campaigns

As a marketer and consumer, you know how much time people spend on their devices and looking at screens. But, reaching the right online audi [...]

Data Driven Marketing 6 Tips to Revitalize Your Lending Acquisition Campaigns

Turbulence in the economy continues to create challenges for consumers and lenders alike. The wide range in how consumers are being impa [...]

Data Driven Marketing Strategy for Strong Auto Sales When Inventory is Low

Hint: Open the back door  Strange times are fueling strange trends. It’s no secret that microchip production issues and ongoing [...]

Data Driven Marketing Optimize Your Acquisition Investment and Improve Experiences

It’s no big news that today’s consumers are savvier than ever. They expect online interactions — and they better be seamless, or you risk lo [...]

Data Driven Marketing Automotive Industry Prepares for Marketing Changes

Online advertising is a potent sales tool for automotive marketers. The industry’s digital ad spend is already soaring back to pre-pande [...]

Data Driven Marketing Podcast: Demystifying Data for Small Business

Managing Cash Flow, Customers and Suppliers  Small businesses are the engine of our economy. Yet, many are mystified by the dat [...]

Data Driven Marketing Separate Fact from Fiction: The Pandemic’s Effects on Consumer Finances

Businesses and consumers alike are experiencing information overload as they try to understand how the world is evolving in light of the COV [...]

Data Driven Marketing Pandemic Effects on U.S. Consumer Finances and Attitudes

Updated 5/11/2023: The White House declared the end of the Covid-19 Health Emergency May 11, 2023 so some of the details mentioned [...]

Data Driven Marketing Podcast: American Express' Personalization Journey

How American Express Achieves World-Class Customer Service What does personalization really mean in marketing today? According [...]

Data Driven Marketing Build Effective Holiday Auto Promotions

Who has the Financial Capacity to Buy this Holiday Season? During the holiday season, automotive ads and promotions used to be dominated by [...]

Data Driven Marketing Keep Their Cars Running This Holiday Season

This Holiday Season, More People are Expected to Travel via Automobile The 2020 holiday season is expected to have drastically different tr [...]

Data Driven Marketing Enhance Prescreen and Keep Lending

This year has forced financial firms to reevaluate and alter their lending programs. Many lenders have had to work quickly to adapt in o [...]

Data Driven Marketing Digital Credit Marketing: 97% Email Deliverability… Really

Why Digital Credit Marketers Should Embrace Email Consumers are relying more on digital channels during the pandemic, whether it's work, sh [...]

Data Driven Marketing The Conference Board: Big Opportunities for Brands to Innovate

The pandemic has completely transformed consumer behavior. It has ushered in a digital-everything, stay-at-home economy, where consumer [...]

Data Driven Marketing Checklist: Marketing Strategies for this Recession

Advance your business with data-driven recession marketing strategies In early June, The National Bureau of Economic Research ann [...]

Data Driven Marketing 4 Steps to More Effective Automotive Credit Marketing Campaigns

Automobile dealers are displaying more cars on their lots as inventory starts to rise again. Despite this good news for dealers, consume [...]

Data Driven Marketing 4 New Marketing Trends in Financial Services

The coronavirus pandemic has altered the U.S. economic landscape triggering a significant slowdown in marketing activity across industries. [...]

Data Driven Marketing How to Keep Pace as Mortgages Go Digital

How Lenders Can Use Automation and Digitization to Be More Competitive The mortgage industry is experiencing unprecedented change. A changi [...]

Data Driven Marketing How to Reach an Ideal Auto Buyer Audience

Take Note of Positive Trends Marketers are having to pivot on a dime as companies cut budgets or redirect spending for sports and event mar [...]

Data Driven Marketing 6 Ways Financial Insights Fuel Marketing

Financial firms are focusing on risk mitigation during the pandemic, but that doesn't mean financial marketers should simply wait it out. Wh [...]

Data Driven Marketing How Advanced Ad Targeting Can Fast Track the Automotive Recovery

No doubt, the global COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted industries across America, especially automotive.  While an estimat [...]

Data Driven Marketing Smash Data Silos to Accelerate Marketing Performance

It’s no secret that big data can spur innovation — even disruption — but it can also complicate marketing initiatives. Only about 22 percent [...]

Data Driven Marketing How Insurers can Optimize the Customer Journey

We often simplify “customer experience” to just the point-of-purchase. But it encompasses the entire buying process, from the start of the r [...]

Data Driven Marketing Reach Valuable Customers of the Future

Identify Upward Mobile Customers Imagine if you could predict which prospects and customers would become your most high-spending, loyal pur [...]

Data Driven Marketing Connect Online with Consumers Planning for Retirement

It's that time of year when many consumers think about their financial goals for 2019, including planning for retirement. Consumers have end [...]

Data Driven Marketing The Right Online Ad for the Right Affluent Household

Not all Affluent Households are Alike Reaching high-income households online isn't hard. There are many digital targeting segments based on [...]

Data Driven Marketing Financial Marketers: Understand Gen-X Financial Behaviors

Does Segmentation Go Far Enough? Segmentation for customer acquisition is a mainstay of daily business for most financial service [...]

Data Driven Marketing Engage with Consumers Who Want to Save More

Did you know one of the most common New Year's resolutions is to save more money? If you're a marketer with a financial firm, you may be ask [...]

Data Driven Marketing Digital Credit Marketing: Preview Credit Eligibility

Digital Channels Have Their Challenges Historically, credit marketing has largely focused on delivering firm offers of credit t [...]

Data Driven Marketing Digital Credit Marketing: Extending Prescreen Campaigns

Envision a busy parent. You might imagine them driving to work or crunching deliverables all morning. Perhaps they're waiting for a doct [...]

Data Driven Marketing Credit Marketing: Enhancing the Digital Journey

As a financial company, you've probably tested virtually every element of traditional direct mail credit marketing campaigns – from the [...]

Data Driven Marketing 4 Ways to Personalize Your Marketing and Boost Sales

What’s the best way to get someone to pay attention to marketing and advertising? Make it meaningful to them on a personal level. That’s alw [...]

Data Driven Marketing Want Better Visibility to Grow Assets Under Management?

New technology tools help wealth leaders and advisors work together to grow Assets Under Management (AUM) Growing AUM is a top go [...]

Data Driven Marketing New App: Insight into Potential Assets Under Management

Instant access to wealth and investment insights a game-changer -- for wealth management leaders and financial advisors Your fina [...]

Data Driven Marketing Differentiated Data: Spotting Diamonds in the Rough

Differentiated data can be a game-changer to help grow your Assets Under Management Prospecting is a numbers game. Optimizing the [...]

Data Driven Marketing Data & Predictive Analytics: It's Not Your Father's Insurance Industry

Consumers Expect a Better Customer Experience Technology is empowering consumers to demand a better customer experience, and this is causin [...]

Data Driven Marketing Delivering Insights that Drive More Profitable Deals

Without proper insight into dealership behaviors, loan performance, and the competitive landscape, it’s difficult for auto lenders to assess [...]

Data Driven Marketing Think you know Boomers and Millennials? Think again.

Power your marketing programs with data-driven details about these key consumer groups. We know Boomers are retiring, but where are they go [...]

Data Driven Marketing New Trends in Wealth Management Promise to Help Financial Advisors Grow their Book of Business

Over the past year, Equifax met with nearly 20 leading financial institutions to better understand key challenges faced in Wealth Management [...]

Data Driven Marketing 3 Ways “Good Enough” Analytics May Be Hurting Your Financial Services Organization

Most financial services organizations already have adopted data and advanced analytics strategies. They typically use data to identify poten [...]

Data Driven Marketing Digital Transformation—Meet the Needs of Evolving Consumer Expectations

Digital devices have enabled consumers to do more on-the-go. And as communications and utility providers continue to transform their technol [...]

Data Driven Marketing Reach the Right Millennials Through Their Devices

After a long day of work, it is unlikely that you will find Millennials standing around reading their mail the way that Boomers might. In fa [...]

Data Driven Marketing Three Keys to Keeping Your Financial Services Organization Ahead of Changing Customer Behavior

For financial services organizations, competition from nontraditional market players is eating into revenue. According to PricewaterhouseCoo [...]

Data Driven Marketing A Crystal Clear View of Your Customers and Prospects

This new marketing tool is your new secret weapon Better performance with less effort is what we all want, right? But, for B2B marketers it [...]

Data Driven Marketing For The Affluent, A Lease Model Is No Longer Off Limits

An uncertain economy might scare some marketers, but for others, it presents an interesting opportunity to adopt a new perspective. In the p [...]

Data Driven Marketing 5 Tips for Better B2B Prospecting Using Salesforce®

Ever had a commercial prospecting campaign fall flat, despite having a relevant message and a competitive offer? It happens, and many times, [...]

Data Driven Marketing Segmentation Can Help Overcome Addressable TV's Small Scale

While TV has long been a fantastic way to deliver messaging to a wide audience, marketers have recently been attracted to new methods that a [...]

Data Driven Marketing Disparity in Portfolio Allocation Between Affluent, Mass Affluent Americans Points to Opportunity for Financial Services Firms

Data from the Equifax Observations and Impacts of U.S. Consumer Wealth Trends report paints a compelling and clarifying picture for financia [...]

Data Driven Marketing Best Practices for Mortgage Lenders to Enhance Targeted Acquisition Strategies

While lenders are looking at more targeted acquisition strategies to fill their loan pipelines as origination volumes decline, more stringen [...]

Data Driven Marketing How Auto Advertisers Can Target on a Deeper Level

For advertisers targeting auto buyers online, the challenge is to cut through the clutter and noise and drill down to pathways of opportunit [...]