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Recession Readiness Insights FAQ: What is a K-Shaped Economy?

Many hope for a post-pandemic fresh start. The reality is that the financial landscape is a K-shaped economy, where the impact of econom [...]

Commercial Business How BNPL Firms can Unlock Profitability During Uncertain Economic Times

Two years ago, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) firms were legit Fintech superstars. Transaction values soared by $87 billion from 2019 to 2021. [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Unlocking Opportunities: Smart Lending in the K-shaped Economy of 2024

2024 opens in a K-shaped economy. In this environment, consumer budgetary pressures look different for each population segment. Lenders [...]

Commercial Business Understanding, Accessing, and Building Your Business Credit Profile

Similar to your personal credit, maintaining good business credit is fundamental to growing and protecting your business. In today’s high [...]

Identity & Fraud 8 Ways to Know Who Your Small Business is Doing Business With

In today's rapidly expanding small business marketplace, the numbers speak for themselves. Over the past three years, there has been an [...]

Commercial Business B2B Marketing – Quickly Identify and Engage Small Business Prospects

The landscape of small businesses is evolving, and the numbers speak for themselves. Over the past three years, the small busines [...]

Data and Analytics Small Business Indices: Show the Effects of Tighter Credit Conditions

In July 2023, small business lending and financial stress exhibited distinct regional and industry-based trends. As we look at the Equifax [...]

Commercial Business Prepare Small Business for Uncertain Economic Conditions

An uncertain economy is challenging for any business, and in particular small businesses. According to [...]

Commercial Business How to Build Business Resilience with Small Business Data

Small business continues to dominate news headlines. Each month, we release the latest Equifax small business lending, delinquency, and [...]

Commercial Business Q&A: Gaining Access to Credit for Small Businesses

It is National Small Business Week and at Equifax we are celebrating big with a lot of new announcements! 99.9% of businesses across the [...]

Commercial Business How Lenders Can Find Opportunity in Small Business

Despite an uncertain economy, the number of small businesses has soared. And that translates to big opportunity for lenders who leverage [...]

Commercial Business The Economic Future of Auto Lending

The future is uncertain, and success or failure is not predetermined They say nothing in life is certain, and as we head into [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Growth in an Uncertain Economy: You Asked, Experts Answered

During our February 2023 Market Pulse Webinar, we explored the national and regional insights purpose-built for your customer journey, [...]

Commercial Business Use Simplified Data and Attributes to Help Solve Complex Challenges

For our February 16 Market Pulse webinar, our panel of experts discussed how you can focus on growth in the current economy. Today, it i [...]

Recession Readiness Insights B2B Marketing: Bringing Precision to Ecommerce Customer Acquisition

The right insights: The key to targeting and acquiring new and high-growth eCommerce merchants is having the right insights Even with marke [...]

Credit Risk Promoting Consumer Financial Health with BNPL

As U.S. consumers continue to migrate their shopping habits toward online merchants and become more aware of point of sale financing alterna [...]

Commercial Business April Market Pulse: You Asked, Experts Answered

For our April 14 Market Pulse webinar, our panel of experts discussed the recent supply chain crisis, as well as, the latest economic update [...]

Data and Analytics Stay Up-to-Date with the Supply Chain Crisis

During our April 14 Market Pulse webinar, our panel of experts discussed details pertaining to the recent supply chain crisis, as well as, t [...]

Credit Risk Outlook on 2022

For our December 2 Market Pulse webinar, our panel of experts discussed the current and future state of the energy market. This month’s pres [...]

Credit Risk Small Business Insights: October 2021

This is a recap of our October 20 Small Business Insights webinar, where our very own Sarah Briscoe, Lead Commercial Statistical Analyst at [...]

Credit Risk Latest Small Business Lending, Delinquency, and Default Data

Small business continues to dominate news headlines. In this recap of our webinar, “Small Business Insights: August 2021,” Elaine Makdah, Se [...]

Credit Risk Leverage Small Business Indices and Foster Financial Inclusion

One-On-One Chat with CEO of Markaaz  This is a recap of our one-on-one chat during our August 18 Small Business Insights webinar. This [...]

Credit Risk The Shifting Fintech Landscape

The economy is recovering and the outlook for small businesses is continuing to remain strong. Fintechs have started to step away from tradi [...]

Credit Risk Accelerating Access to Credit: A Critical Discussion

In this recap of our June 24 webinar, “Market Pulse: Accelerating Access to Credit,” Chris Wheat, Co-President at JPMorgan Chase Institute; [...]

Credit Risk What’s Next for the Post-Pandemic Small Business Economy?

In this recap of our June 3 webinar, “Market Pulse: The Post-Pandemic Small Business Economy,” Evan Leaphart, Founder and CEO of Kiddie Kred [...]

Credit Risk 6/3 Market Pulse, Your Questions Answered

As we emerge from the pandemic, small businesses are integral to the health of the post-COVID economy. For our June 3 Market Pulse webinar, [...]

Data Driven Marketing Podcast: Demystifying Data for Small Business

Managing Cash Flow, Customers and Suppliers  Small businesses are the engine of our economy. Yet, many are mystified by the dat [...]

Credit Risk Small Business Indices and the Return to Growth

Small business continues to dominate news headlines. Each month in our Commercial Small Business Insights webinars, we focus on what is happ [...]

Credit Risk 2021 Insights for Small Business and Commercial Real Estate

In this recap of our March 4 webinar, "Market Pulse: Return to Opportunity for Commercial Real Estate," Sarah Briscoe, senior statistical an [...]

2021 Outlook: What are Economists Predicting?

Updated 5/11/2023: The White House declared the end of the Covid-19 Health Emergency May 11, 2023 so some of the details mentioned in th [...]

Data and Analytics Top 5 Analytics Challenges Businesses Face

Many companies are leveraging data and analytics to create a competitive advantage in their industry and grow their business. The insights t [...]

Credit Risk Small Businesses Benefit from Renewed Equifax-SBFE Partnership

Equifax has recently extended its  agreement with the Small Business Financial Exchange, but what exactly does that mean [...]

Credit Risk Military Lending Act: Compliance for Pawnbrokers

Compliance with the Military Lending Act (MLA) may not be on the radar of many pawnbrokers, but it should be and here’s why. If you’re a paw [...]

Credit Risk Insights that Drive Commercial Card Approvals

Are you a financial institution looking to grow your commercial credit card business?  Focusing on this market makes a lot of sense, es [...]

Credit Risk A Game Changing Increase in Predictive Power for Commercial Risk

As a financial institution in an ever-changing landscape with fast-moving competitors, how do you grow your card and loan portfolios and pro [...]

Data Driven Marketing 5 Tips for Better B2B Prospecting Using Salesforce®

Ever had a commercial prospecting campaign fall flat, despite having a relevant message and a competitive offer? It happens, and many times, [...]

Credit Risk BusinessConnect™ Leverages Every Piece of Functionality within the® Platform

Many emerging technology solutions are so robust that it can be difficult to fully maximize their potential. However, Equifax likes a challe [...]

Credit Risk Revolutionize the Cloud’s Power with BusinessConnect™

It’s official: siloes don’t work. That’s why Equifax designed BusinessConnect™ to align three important revenue functions—Sales, Credit and [...]