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Identity & Fraud The Evolving Auto Landscape: Trends, Fraud, and Technology

With increasing fraud, consumer affordability issues and an uncertain EV market, where is the auto industry headed? In the l [...]

Identity & Fraud 8 Ways to Know Who Your Small Business is Doing Business With

In today's rapidly expanding small business marketplace, the numbers speak for themselves. Over the past three years, there has been an [...]

Identity & Fraud How Can Insurers Authenticate Digital Images and Video to Prevent Fraud?

As companies digitize their operations, they are increasingly relying on digital content to make business decisions. In the insurance indust [...]

Identity & Fraud 3 Ways Retailers can Connect with Their Consumers

The secret? It’s something marketers have wanted for years! Today’s consumers are expert scrollers, skimmers, and pitchers (as in, pitching [...]

Identity & Fraud The Changing Landscape of Fraud - what you need to know

The Changing Landscape of Fraud New and old fraud schemes are impacting all parts of the car buying journey. Dealers and customers [...]

Identity & Fraud 5 Keys to Better Digital Retailing for Dealers and Lenders

Recently, the automotive industry has faced challenges meeting consumer demand for better digital retailing solutions. Dealers, OEMs, and a [...]

Identity & Fraud Top 7 Insights for the Retail Banking Industry

Our industry leaders are constantly providing and sharing insightful knowledge on topics including factors impacting consumer behavior and b [...]

Identity & Fraud Manage Digital Fraud Across the Customer Journey

The more digital the world becomes, the more opportunities there are for fraud to sneak in. This can lead to many unanswered questions for c [...]

Identity & Fraud Reduce Buy Now, Pay Later Fraud Risk

The boom of BNPL and the fraud that comes with it  Everyone is talking about Buy Now, Pay Later as the boom continues. The value of BN [...]

Identity & Fraud How Insurance Carriers can Reduce Costs and Fraud

Time to stop fraud in the insurance world Annually, in the P&C insurance world there is $40 billion in fraud. What used to be difficult [...]

Identity & Fraud Optimizing Trust in a Digital World

Optimized trust enables organizations to find, reach, and approve ideal customers in familiar and unexpected places. In this recap of our No [...]

Identity & Fraud Fight Fraud in Digital Transactions

Necessity is the mother of invention. Just ask banking, fintech, and retail businesses, many of which compressed a decade of e-commerce inn [...]

Identity & Fraud Q&A: Optimizing Trust in a Digital World

We are living in a digital-first world and trust is more than secure transactions. During our November 11 Market Pulse: Optimizing Trust in [...]

Identity & Fraud How will Recent Ecommerce Growth Impact Fraud Levels?

In this recap of our May 6 webinar, “Market Pulse: Growth Amid Rising Fraud,” Amy Crews Cutts, President and Chief Economist at AC Cutts &am [...]

Identity & Fraud A Layered Approach to Fraud

“Losses due to identity theft increased by 42% from 2019 to 2020 primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Aite Group estimates that losse [...]

Identity & Fraud Podcast: Using Smart Data to Combat Identity Fraud

Identity Fraud Accelerates in 2020 The year 2020 was a heyday for online fraudsters. There are a couple of reasons why. First, [...]

Identity & Fraud 6 Ways to Combat Online Fraudsters

"The truth is, your identity has already been stolen. More than 800 million security breaches have occurred, and we have only about 320 mill [...]

Identity & Fraud What is Header Data?

Identity Resolution is at the Core In today’s digital world, identity resolution is more critical than ever. Whether consumers want to buy [...]

Identity & Fraud New DOL Requirements Help States Fight Unemployment Fraud

New Legislation Helps State Workforce Agencies Prevent Unemployment Fraud and Benefit Overpayments Signed into law on December 27, 2020, ad [...]

Identity & Fraud What Types of Analytics Intelligence Can Power Identity Trust?

Consider Performance Criteria, Algorithms and Labeled Data Fraud prevention is a challenging task, given the mercurial nature o [...]

Identity & Fraud Digital Trust: It Takes More Than a Score

Assessing a Consumer’s Identity is Not as Simple as Reviewing a Document and Putting a Score on it. The concepts of credit and fr [...]

Identity & Fraud The Intersection of Identity Trust and Decisioning

Welcome to our blog series on leveraging the power of data and analytics to maximize identity results. In my previous article, I shared [...]

Identity & Fraud Building Digital Trust: The New Normal

It has never been more important for businesses and consumers to trust who they're doing business with. Everyone knows the adage, [...]

Identity & Fraud U.S. DoL Provides $100 Million to Help Combat Unemployment Fraud

Updated 5/11/2023: The White House declared the end of the Covid-19 Health Emergency May 11, 2023 so some of the details mentioned in th [...]

Identity & Fraud Build Identity Trust with the Right Data

  More data sources is only part of the equation In the era of big data, it is often thought that more data is better, but that's not [...]

Identity & Fraud Demand Surges for County-Managed Social Safety Net Programs

Updated 5/11/2023: The White House declared the end of the Covid-19 Health Emergency May 11, 2023 so some of the details mentioned in th [...]

Identity & Fraud Multisource Data Helps Reduce Uncertainty in Identity Trust

  Data is the New Soil Someone once said: “Data is the new oil.” Then someone else said: “No, data is the new soil.” Any way you look [...]

Identity & Fraud How Effective is Your Approach to Assessing Identity Trust?

Businesses and Fraudsters Are Adapting The global pandemic of COVID-19 is pushing both businesses and fraudsters to adapt. While the d [...]

Identity & Fraud How Auto Lenders Can Combat Synthetic Identity Fraud

Many auto lenders and dealerships are aware of the general risks associated with fraud. However, synthetic identity fraud is especially impo [...]

Identity & Fraud Authenticate Right the First Time

Authentication Strategies for Today’s Digital Age Carefully orchestrated authentication and identification strategies are critical in today [...]

Identity & Fraud 5 Ways to Thwart Fraud

Financial institutions are struggling to keep up with evolving fraud tactics. They tell us their top areas of concern are new account fraud, [...]

Identity & Fraud 3 Key Statistics FI's Should Know About Fraud

I grew up watching various science fiction drama TV shows and recall one particular character that could shape-shift. He would shape-shift [...]

Identity & Fraud 6 Questions for Infutor, a Leader in Consumer Identity Management

Equifax recently joined forces with Infutor, an industry leader in consumer identity management. To help customers and prospects understand [...]

Identity & Fraud Are Your Customers Really Carbon-Based?

The financial sector might see the worst of it, but no business with an online presence is immune to the threat of malicious bots. In fact [...]

Identity & Fraud How Multi-Factor Authentication Helps Customers

Approximately $12 billion has been stolen by identity thieves over the past six years[i], and consumers are increasingly aware of its risks. [...]

Identity & Fraud Synthetic Identity Fraud: Not Just for Credit Cards

Synthetic Identity Fraud is a Growing Threat We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Synthetic identity fraud is one of the most cunn [...]

Identity & Fraud The Achilles' Heel of Synthetic Identity Fraud

Losses from Synthetic Identity Fraud are Increasing Most of us are familiar with the fable from Greek storyteller, Aesop, about [...]

Identity & Fraud Synthetic Identity Fraud: Dissecting a Bust-Out

Technology and better security measures are making it more difficult for card counterfeiters to beat the system. So today’s criminals are tu [...]

Identity & Fraud How Identity Verification is Evolving

John Ray, Enterprise Fraud & Identity Analytics Leader, presented “Evolution of Identity” at the Equifax Spark 2019 conference. For more [...]

Identity & Fraud How Insurers Can Use Verified Credit Data for Online Payments

Online consumers can make their purchase with various payment options, like credit card, Apple Pay or PayPal. As a result, insurers feel [...]

Identity & Fraud Insurers: Identity Authentication Improves Customer Experience

Insurers Want to Give Customers a Better Digital Experience Insurance companies want to provide their customers with a frictionle [...]

Identity & Fraud Unmask Identity Thieves -- Before You Insure Them

Identify Theft is on the Rise -- Costing the Insurance Industry Billions During Halloween, children and the young-at-heart don co [...]

Identity & Fraud Synthetic ID Fraud: One of the Trickiest Tactics We’ve Seen

Synthetic IDs are Like Digital Frankensteins Halloween is always a fun time of year. It inspires a childlike excitement in us a [...]

Identity & Fraud Why Synthetic ID Fraud Should Be On your Radar

Synthetic ID fraud is difficult to detect because it appears to be an actual consumer applying for an account. Instead, it's a fake identity [...]

Identity & Fraud How to Combat Threats from Within

Internal threats are a looming problem for both government and private organizations. That’s why government agencies joined Equifax, Carahso [...]

Identity & Fraud How Businesses Balance Convenience and Digital Security

First, the good news: digital commerce is living up to its promise. Consider these numbers: 52% of all e-commerce traffic globally is fro [...]

Identity & Fraud Digital Identity Packs a One-Two Punch (of Benefits) for Digital Consumers

While brick-and-mortar locations will never fully disappear, consumers continue to make their smartphones the channel of choice for shopping [...]

Identity & Fraud Synthetic ID Fraud: Understand It, So You Can Stop It

Communications, Energy, Digital Media Providers Face New Challenges Online and mobile-based platforms are changing how fraudsters operate. [...]

Identity & Fraud Tackling Program Integrity in Government Services

Government agencies face two key challenges: budgets under pressure and programs have to be streamlined to fight off fraud, waste, and [...]

Identity & Fraud Best Practices for Fighting Synthetic Identity Fraud

Synthetic identity fraud is a well-organized activity of fraud rings looking for ways to create and then nurture fake identities over a [...]

Identity & Fraud How much is too much? Are you losing customers by asking too many questions?

We’ve all been there. We try to apply for something or access an account for the first time on our mobile device and get frustrated at t [...]

Identity & Fraud The Impact of Synthetic Identity Fraud... By the Numbers

What is synthetic identity fraud? Synthetic identity fraud occurs when fraudsters create new, fictitious identities by using diff [...]

Identity & Fraud How Fraudsters Are Using Synthetic Identities

Pathways to Synthetic Identity Fraud Fabricated social security numbers (SSNs) and authorized user abuse are the two main pat [...]

Identity & Fraud Identity verification in a digital age -- Expand your view to include more consumers, and their devices

Practically everything’s digital these days, which can be both good and bad when you’re performing identity verification while activating [...]

Identity & Fraud When it Comes to Protecting Consumer Data, Be Progressive

As consumers become more accustomed to interacting with their service providers via mobile and online channels, security becomes a [...]

Identity & Fraud The Darker Side of the EMV Liability Shift: Fraud Shift

Fraudsters make the move to account takeover and application fraud schemes It’s been almost two years since the liability for card-not- pr [...]

Identity & Fraud Preventing and Prevailing over Synthetic ID Fraud

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to fraud and the growth in technology. The bad news is that fraudsters have easier access to th [...]

Identity & Fraud A Real Way to Fight the Threat of Fake IDs

You probably know someone who’s had their identity stolen. You may have even been a victim yourself. But what happens when fraudsters steal [...]

Identity & Fraud Synthetic ID Fraud Is Not a Fictional Threat

The growth of synthetic identity fraud shows few signs of slowing. Data breaches, social media mining, phishing and other schemes  [...]

Identity & Fraud When is “Knowledge-Based” not Assured Authentication?

Knowledge based authentication (KBA) has been declared dead many times over the past few years.  But what is KBA and what exactly is th [...]

Identity & Fraud Two Sample Fraud Scenarios and Solutions for Combating Them

There are as many fraud schemes as there are fraudsters, but they fall into a few general buckets. Here are two of the most common fraud sce [...]