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Revolutionize the Cloud’s Power with BusinessConnect™

Revolutionize the Cloud’s Power with BusinessConnect™

September 21, 2016 | Lee Goldman

It’s official: siloes don’t work. That’s why Equifax designed BusinessConnect™ to align three important revenue functions—Sales, Credit and Collections—all through the® platform. BusinessConnect breaks down departmental barriers and enables faster, easier collaboration. By maximizing the power of the Cloud, BusinessConnect transforms what could be a mere credit tool into a true end-to-end business enablement solution.

Why is the Cloud so important? In a word—freedom.

A Cloud-based platform delivers anywhere, any time access to all of your data. When you combine that accessibility with the industry’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) solution,—or another CRM used by your organization—you can reduce IT costs, improve scalability and leverage any data source.

In addition, when departments are aligned you gain the visibility to uncover trends, build forecasting models, determine what is and isn’t promoting growth and address core issues based on hard data instead of conjecture.

If you’re already using, then you’ve experienced the power of the Cloud, with employees empowered to share information across the organization so there is a more complete picture of your customer base. has helped to create today’s “always on” sales model by allowing anyone on the sales team to access data from anywhere, at any time, to help make informed on-the-road selling a reality.

Equifax designed BusinessConnect—the only, Credit and Collections app built natively on—to be a true extension of Together, these solutions could revolutionize the potential of the Cloud and empower your team to maximize value across the customer lifecycle.  

With BusinessConnect built on the platform:

  • Get a 360° View of Customers—and since it’s an extension of—there’s no learning curve for better portfolio insights.
  • Help reduce IT costs and with all of your applications managed through the platform
  • Scale effortlessly and reduce the need to cross-train teams
  • Access all the data you need with BusinessConnect’s data-agnostic framework—unlike with competitive solutions—your team can leverage data from Equifax and 10+ other sources, including D&B, Experian and LexisNexis.
  • Automate processes to speed decisioning helping you close more business with queues and process flows for pending decisions, and tracking the lifecycle of your customer.
  • Robust drag and drop reporting. No other solution features reporting tools as robust as those built into Salesforce to create reports on almost any data in the system.

Using a CRM other than No problem. BusinessConnect integrates with any CRM so you can put this powerful solution to work for your organization.

Learn how BusinessConnect can help your entire organization harness the power of the Cloud at® is a trademark of, inc., and is used here with permission.

Lee Goldman

Lee Goldman

Senior Director and Portfolio Marketing Leader

Lee Goldman is a Senior Director of Product Marketing at Equifax. Lee's expertise is taking complicated technology products, and breaking them down into understandable and relatable value propositions. Lee has spent most of his career in technology marketing with specific focus on the cloud.