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Nobody likes wasting time and money…and yet, insurance carriers present rate quotes for home and car insurance without knowing their rea [...]

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Identity & Fraud How Insurance Carriers can Reduce Costs and Fraud

Time to stop fraud in the insurance world Annually, in the P&C insurance world there is $40 billion in fraud. What used to be difficult [...]

Credit Risk A Centralized Decision Management Platform for Financial Institutions

Today, financial institutions need to be agile, fast, and flexible to keep pace with the changing market and customer dynamics. Digitizati [...]

Identity & Fraud What is Header Data?

Identity Resolution is at the Core In today’s digital world, identity resolution is more critical than ever. Whether consumers want to buy [...]

Credit Risk Life Insurers Modernize their Business with Predictive Analytics

COVID-19 Gives New Meaning to Life Insurance Awareness Month September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, and there is no better time to re [...]

Verification Plan Now for CCPA Compliance

If your organization handles consumer data, it's time to start working on compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Th [...]

Credit Risk The Power of the Credit-based Insurance Score

Calibrating premium to risk is crucial to your business – and the business of daily life for your customers. What if improving accuracy [...]

Credit Risk Insurers Can Use Alternative Data to Better Understand “Invisible” Consumers

Insurers may face a conundrum when it comes to assessing a new policyholder’s prospective risk, especially if they lack a traditional credit [...]

Identity & Fraud How Insurers Can Use Verified Credit Data for Online Payments

Online consumers can make their purchase with various payment options, like credit card, Apple Pay or PayPal. As a result, insurers feel [...]

Data Driven Marketing How Insurers can Optimize the Customer Journey

We often simplify “customer experience” to just the point-of-purchase. But it encompasses the entire buying process, from the start of the r [...]

Identity & Fraud Insurers: Identity Authentication Improves Customer Experience

Insurers Want to Give Customers a Better Digital Experience Insurance companies want to provide their customers with a frictionle [...]

Identity & Fraud Unmask Identity Thieves -- Before You Insure Them

Identify Theft is on the Rise -- Costing the Insurance Industry Billions During Halloween, children and the young-at-heart don co [...]

Data Driven Marketing Data & Predictive Analytics: It's Not Your Father's Insurance Industry

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