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Data and Analytics NCTUE: Empowering Members with Comprehensive Consumer Data

In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, businesses across various industries are seeking innovative ways to make informed decisi [...]

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Lenders need to keep up with the latest trends to gain a competitive edge. We compiled our most frequently asked questions from Mortgage [...]

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During our April Market Pulse webinar, our panel of experts discussed macroeconomic trends as they relate to marketing and how institution [...]

Credit Risk Use Analytics to Find Fast, Direct Paths to Profitability

We’re talking weeks, not months, or years A lot of businesses feel “stuck” in today’s uncertain market, unsure about how to get [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Strengthen Your Customer Data to Enhance Your Marketing

Complete customer data is the foundation of effective marketing In today’s fast-moving society, dynamic consumer contact information and mu [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Improve Your Business Performance by Leveraging Financial Durability Insights

Todd Hoover is senior vice president, marketing practice for Equifax. Hoover enables clients to build best-in-class, data-driven marketing c [...]

Research Podcast: Become a Better Storyteller

Today’s business decisions are rooted in data. Yet, how does a business leader communicate that data in a way that holds their audience’s at [...]

Data and Analytics You Asked, Entrepreneurs Answered: Using Data for Smarter Actions

During our March 10 Market Pulse webinar, our panel of experts discussed details pertaining to entrepreneurs and how they can participate in [...]

Research Podcast: Economic Trends Impacting the Energy Sector

We’re seeing greater convergence between economic headlines and the energy market, which have critical implications across consumer and comm [...]

Data and Analytics Top 10 Insights from our 2021 Blogs

Header data, the Equifax Cloud, and COVID-19’s impact on the economy and credit card debt, were hot article topics in 2021. If you missed an [...]

Credit Risk Powering the Energy Market: Your Questions Answered

For our December 2 Market Pulse webinar, our panel of experts discussed the current and future state of the energy industry. This month’s pr [...]

Credit Risk Powering the Energy Market in 2022

Fireside chat with Just Energy In our December 2 webinar, our moderator, Rissa Reddan, Demand Generation Leader of U.S. Information Solutio [...]

Credit Risk Outlook on 2022

For our December 2 Market Pulse webinar, our panel of experts discussed the current and future state of the energy market. This month’s pres [...]

Credit Risk A Centralized Decision Management Platform for Financial Institutions

Today, financial institutions need to be agile, fast, and flexible to keep pace with the changing market and customer dynamics. Digitizati [...]

Credit Risk Saying "Yes" More Benefits Everyone

Consumers and businesses need access to credit and lending to live and perform. Yet, 91.5 million consumers struggle to gain access to mains [...]

Credit Risk How Equifax is Helping Consumers Maintain Credit Standing During COVID-19

COVID-19 Has Made Phone, Pay TV and Internet Service Important to Our Quality of Life In the past, expenses such as wireless phones, landli [...]

Credit Risk 3 Things to Know About Trended Data

FICO recently announced that its new FICO®  Score 10 T, set to be released this summer, will include trended data. With this new opti [...]

Identity & Fraud Synthetic ID Fraud: One of the Trickiest Tactics We’ve Seen

Synthetic IDs are Like Digital Frankensteins Halloween is always a fun time of year. It inspires a childlike excitement in us a [...]

Data Driven Marketing 4 Ways to Personalize Your Marketing and Boost Sales

What’s the best way to get someone to pay attention to marketing and advertising? Make it meaningful to them on a personal level. That’s alw [...]

Identity & Fraud Why Synthetic ID Fraud Should Be On your Radar

Synthetic ID fraud is difficult to detect because it appears to be an actual consumer applying for an account. Instead, it's a fake identity [...]

Identity & Fraud Synthetic ID Fraud: Understand It, So You Can Stop It

Communications, Energy, Digital Media Providers Face New Challenges Online and mobile-based platforms are changing how fraudsters operate. [...]

Data and Analytics Don’t Let Big Data Hinder Your Business

You have a lot of customer data -- housed in a lot of different locations. You’re working hard to make sense of it so you can better underst [...]

Identity & Fraud Best Practices for Fighting Synthetic Identity Fraud

Synthetic identity fraud is a well-organized activity of fraud rings looking for ways to create and then nurture fake identities over a [...]

Data Driven Marketing Think you know Boomers and Millennials? Think again.

Power your marketing programs with data-driven details about these key consumer groups. We know Boomers are retiring, but where are they go [...]

Identity & Fraud Identity verification in a digital age -- Expand your view to include more consumers, and their devices

Practically everything’s digital these days, which can be both good and bad when you’re performing identity verification while activating [...]

Data Driven Marketing Digital Transformation—Meet the Needs of Evolving Consumer Expectations

Digital devices have enabled consumers to do more on-the-go. And as communications and utility providers continue to transform their technol [...]

Baby Boomer Finances are Looking Fine for Communications Promotions: Income Up 15% in Five Years

For communications providers, marketing to consumers that have their finances in-check can help boost long-term ROI. Baby Boomers, born 1946 [...]

Identity & Fraud When it Comes to Protecting Consumer Data, Be Progressive

As consumers become more accustomed to interacting with their service providers via mobile and online channels, security becomes a [...]

Identity & Fraud Preventing and Prevailing over Synthetic ID Fraud

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to fraud and the growth in technology. The bad news is that fraudsters have easier access to th [...]

Identity & Fraud A Real Way to Fight the Threat of Fake IDs

You probably know someone who’s had their identity stolen. You may have even been a victim yourself. But what happens when fraudsters steal [...]

Data Driven Marketing Segmentation Can Help Overcome Addressable TV's Small Scale

While TV has long been a fantastic way to deliver messaging to a wide audience, marketers have recently been attracted to new methods that a [...]

Identity & Fraud Synthetic ID Fraud Is Not a Fictional Threat

The growth of synthetic identity fraud shows few signs of slowing. Data breaches, social media mining, phishing and other schemes  [...]

Identity & Fraud When is “Knowledge-Based” not Assured Authentication?

Knowledge based authentication (KBA) has been declared dead many times over the past few years.  But what is KBA and what exactly is th [...]

Identity & Fraud Two Sample Fraud Scenarios and Solutions for Combating Them

There are as many fraud schemes as there are fraudsters, but they fall into a few general buckets. Here are two of the most common fraud sce [...]