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Delivering Insights that Drive More Profitable Deals

Delivering Insights that Drive More Profitable Deals

April 13, 2018 | Clair Wallace

Without proper insight into dealership behaviors, loan performance, and the competitive landscape, it’s difficult for auto lenders to assess risk and identify high-value dealers to build relationships.

For truly successful auto lending, lenders need to:

  • Understand market share within each dealership.
  • Gain deeper insight into positive and negative selection for each dealership they do business with.
  • Have a view of the overall commercial risk associated with potential dealer partners.

Equifax can help with all of the above.

“Since (the dealer intelligence platform) comes with a detailed loan-level data and four years of history, Westlake was able to benchmark ourselves against our various competitors and adjust our go-to-market strategy as a result.” – Ian Anderson, Group President, Westlake Financial 

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Clair Wallace

Clair Wallace

Industry Marketer

Clair Wallace has been working in automotive sales and marketing for almost 15 years. She got her feet wet in the automotive world when she joined (part of Cox Automotive) in 2006 where she managed marketing initiatives and developed sales collateral for both dealers and OEMs and managed the company’s [...]