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Recession Readiness Insights Unraveling the Impact of Interest Rates on the Economy

  The economy has made progress, but inflation is still too high. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said on April [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Update on Credit Unions in Today’s Economy

Consumers have many choices for managing their finances. One option, banking, is often overlooked with a credit union. Credit unions are [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Inflation, Delinquencies and Economic Polarization

  Inflation is having a broad impact on U.S. households. In the latest Market Pulse podcast, Jeff Richardson, SVP of Mar [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Opportunities and Challenges in the Current Auto Market Landscape

80 percent of today’s consumers think that new car ownership is out of reach for them*. Pair this with continuing high interest rates, v [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Understanding Auto Loan Delinquency

Clarity around delinquency is a huge topic in the automotive industry and for lenders delinquencies can have a real impact on the bottom [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Q1 Check-In: Align Goals in a K-Shaped Economy

As we are solidly into 2024 Q1, it is the perfect time to reevaluate our financial resolutions. We are living through a K-shaped economy. [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Navigating the 2024 Auto Industry

During our February Market Pulse webinar our guest speakers presented an update on how the auto industry is faring given this environm [...]

Recession Readiness Insights FAQ: What is a K-Shaped Economy?

Many hope for a post-pandemic fresh start. The reality is that the financial landscape is a K-shaped economy, where the impact of econom [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Navigating the Affordability Landscape in 2024

  Affordability is a buzzword that echoes through the economic landscape. In episode 37 of the Market Pulse podcast, Equifax [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Unlocking Opportunities: Smart Lending in the K-shaped Economy of 2024

2024 opens in a K-shaped economy. In this environment, consumer budgetary pressures look different for each population segment. Lenders [...]

Recession Readiness Insights How Lenders Can Harness Alternative Data to Help Overcome Today’s Economic Challenges

Increasing inflation, rising interest rates and stagnant incomes have made borrowing more expensive and meeting financial commitments more [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Unraveling 2023: A Year of Unpredicted Economic Trends

Did the economic predictions for this year come true? And what economic themes will shape 2024? In episode 36 of the Market Pulse podc [...]

Recession Readiness Insights How Consumer Financial Stress May Impact Holiday Sales

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, but how will consumer financial stress impact holiday spending? In this episode of the Marke [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Looking Ahead at 2024 U.S. Economy with Moody's Analytics

As we approach the close of 2023, the U.S. economy faces a mix of challenges and positive indicators. In episode 34 of t [...]

Recession Readiness Insights How Lenders Can Use Data to Reveal Credit and Financial Stresses

Macroeconomic indicators like increasing delinquency rates and ballooning debt point to a nation of prospective borrowers [...]

Recession Readiness Insights How Financial Data Affects Holiday Shopping

We are revisiting a topic we began to cover during the September Market Pulse Webinar: preparing for the holiday shopping season despite [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Experts Answer Questions On Inflation, Housing Affordability, and Consumer Credit

During our recent Market Pulse webinar, we discussed how staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. The September 2023 Market [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Understanding Factors Contributing to Consumer Stress

  An increasing number of consumers are facing credit and financial stressors. What economic factors are causing this? [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Experts Answer Your Pressing Questions on Student Loans

During our September Market Pulse webinar, “Navigating Student Loans, Part II: Strengthening Origination Resilience,” I had the privileg [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Risk Advisors Answer Questions on Student Loan Repayments and the Current Economy

In our August 2023 Market Pulse webinar, our risk advisors hosted a panel discussing the recent student loan repayments, financial durab [...]

Recession Readiness Insights How FinTechs Utilize Advanced Data Science to Improve Credit Decisions in Uncertain Times

Lenders are becoming smarter about who they lend to. Lenders are using alternative data and advanced analytics to lend faster and smarte [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Questions on Home Equity and Current Economic Outlook Answered

During our June 2023 Market Pulse webinar, “How Fintechs are Tackling Economic Headwinds and Tighter Credit,” attendees were able to ask [...]

Recession Readiness Insights SoFi: How Fintechs can Manage Economic Headwinds

  Fintechs are known for their innovation in customer service, transforming accessibility and making payments faster, among other [...]

Recession Readiness Insights How Fintechs Tackle Economic Headwinds

June 2023’s Market Pulse Webinar explored how fintechs are tackling not only economic headwinds, but tightening credit. We learned how [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Mortgage Lenders Most Asked Questions Answered

Lenders need to keep up with the latest trends to gain a competitive edge. We compiled our most frequently asked questions from Mortgage [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Moving Forward in Today’s Mortgage Environment

In May 2023’s Market Pulse Webinar, we discussed key market dynamics within the current mortgage environment to ensure you're well posit [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Moody’s Economic Update: Possible Challenges Ahead, Reasons for Hope

As we approach the halfway point of 2023, the economy faces multiple headwinds. From debt ceiling negotiations and the bankin [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Optimizing Your Marketing Strategy in an Uncertain Economy

  The financial industry has cut back on marketing spend due to economic uncertainty, but experts say there are opportunitie [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Questions Answered on Optimizing Marketing Strategies in an Uncertain Economy

During our April Market Pulse webinar, our panel of experts discussed macroeconomic trends as they relate to marketing and how institution [...]

Recession Readiness Insights How Lenders Can Navigate This Credit Tightening Environment

  As economists warn of a possible impending recession, banks are raising their rates and tightening their lending standards. H [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Executive Spotlight: Jennifer Henry, Mortgage and Housing Expert, Shares Insights

At Equifax, we are continuing to innovate in the mortgage industry via solutions that provide value to our customers while also promoting [...]

Recession Readiness Insights How Fintechs Can Optimize Data Spend

Fintech companies are disrupting the financial industry. In times of economic uncertainty, the reality of implementing disruptive solution [...]

Recession Readiness Insights How to Succeed During the Affordability Crisis

Do you know your customers? Current economic environment impacting affordability: continuing supply chain roadblocks, inflation [...]

Recession Readiness Insights March Market Pulse: Your Questions Answered

During the March 2023 Market Pulse webinar, “How Credit Unions Are Adapting to Economic Uncertainty,” panelists Rob Wescott, former Sp [...]

Recession Readiness Insights How to Find Hidden Risk in Your Auto Portfolio

Differentiated data: Even more critical in 2023 Supply chain challenges continue to put a strain on inventory supply for aut [...]

Recession Readiness Insights 5 Keys to Up Your Digital Auto Retailing

Over the last few years, the automotive industry has faced many challenges. The pandemic along with ongoing inventory shortages have inc [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Growth in an Uncertain Economy: You Asked, Experts Answered

During our February 2023 Market Pulse Webinar, we explored the national and regional insights purpose-built for your customer journey, [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Where is the Auto Industry Headed? Auto Expert Weighs In.

It's shaping up to be an uncertain year for the automotive industry. Over the last two years, severe inventory constraints led to record [...]

Recession Readiness Insights How the Rising Cost of Living Will Impact Lenders

In the U.S. and abroad, the cost of living is rising and consumers and businesses are feeling the squeeze. How will this impact the lend [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Turn 2023 Hidden Risks into Hidden Opportunities

Starting ahead is critical in today's economy. As we discussed in last month's Market Pulse webinar, 2022 was full of challenges, but kn [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Economic Outlook 2023: Consumer and Commercial Lending

Where should consumer and commercial lenders look for responsible growth in 2023? While lenders should be judicious in challenging econo [...]

Recession Readiness Insights 2023 Automotive Industry Outlook: You Asked, Experts Answered

During our January 2023 Market Pulse Webinar, "Hidden Risks & Hidden Opportunities,” we explored how the automotive industry [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Economic Outlook Pt. 2: Will Labor Market Resiliency Last?

Despite high-profile layoffs in the technology and media industries, the 2022 labor market has been a bright spot in the economy. How sh [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Look Back at 2022 and Focus on Forward in 2023

With 2022 almost in the books, the US economy is still experiencing pandemic whiplash and general economic uncertainty. We’ve been chall [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Moody’s Analytics 2023 Economic Outlook, Pt. 1: Opportunities for Lenders

In 2023, the economy remains top of mind. While various indicators suggested we may be staring down a recession in 2023, that now remains [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Impact of Global Economic Headwinds on the US Economy

The IMF is predicting global growth may slow to 3.2% in 2022 and 2.7% in 2023, down from 6% in 2021. How will the domestic economy fare [...]

Recession Readiness Insights 3 Benefits for Credit Unions Investing in a Secure Frictionless Digital Experience

In an ever changing digital environment there is an increasing need for Credit Unions to simultaneously achieve fraud prevention, efficient [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Strengthen Your Customer Data to Enhance Your Marketing

Complete customer data is the foundation of effective marketing In today’s fast-moving society, dynamic consumer contact information and mu [...]

Recession Readiness Insights How to Spot Customer Risk Early: Student Debt, Inflation and Interest Rates

As the end of the year approaches, the future of consumers’ finances is in an uncertain place. Will the approximately 20% of Americans that [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Customer Growth: 4 more ways for financial services firms to drive growth

(This blog is the second in a two part series.) The economy is continuing to fluctuate. Financial marketers are starting to shift priorities [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Preparing for the Holiday Shopping Season: Your Questions Answered

Shopping is one of America’s favorite pastimes. During our last Market Pulse Webinar, "How to Prepare for the Holiday Shopping Season” we ex [...]

Recession Readiness Insights How To Prepare For The Upcoming Holiday Shopping Season

Many Americans are preparing for much-needed family time, general merriment, and gift giving this holiday season. But with erratic geopoliti [...]

Recession Readiness Insights New Survey: Dealers still have gaps in fraud prevention and digital retailing technologies

The automotive industry has faced many challenges this year. Automotive dealers have fought inventory shortages, rising interest rates and i [...]

Recession Readiness Insights B2B Marketing: Bringing Precision to Ecommerce Customer Acquisition

The right insights: The key to targeting and acquiring new and high-growth eCommerce merchants is having the right insights Even with marke [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Find Hidden Risk in Your Auto Portfolio

Differentiated Data is Even More Critical in 2022 Supply chain challenges continue to put a strain on inventory supply for auto manufacture [...]

Recession Readiness Insights BNPL Tailwinds and Headwinds

After experiencing remarkable growth over the past couple years, what lies ahead for Buy Now Pay Later? In general, forecasts are positive. [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Future of the Auto Industry: You Asked, Experts Answered

During our August 11 Market Pulse webinar, our experts discussed details pertaining to the automotive industry, as well as, the latest econo [...]

Recession Readiness Insights The Economy’s Effect on the Future of the Auto Industry

  During our August 11, 2022 Market Pulse webinar, presenter Jeff Jensen, Vice President at Keybridge went over the recent economic tr [...]

Recession Readiness Insights The Student Loan Debt’s Impact on the U.S. Economy

During our July 2022 Market Pulse webinar, presenter Robert Wescott, Founder of Keybridge went over the recent economic trends currently hap [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Student Loan Debt Crisis: Experts Weigh In

During our July 28 Market Pulse webinar, our panel of experts discussed what lenders and Gen-Z should be doing during the current student lo [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Improve Your Business Performance by Leveraging Financial Durability Insights

Todd Hoover is senior vice president, marketing practice for Equifax. Hoover enables clients to build best-in-class, data-driven marketing c [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Q4 Economic and Credit Trends: Preparing for a Recession

In November, Equifax and Moody’s joined forces to recap the economic and credit trends of 2018 -- and look ahead to 2019. This is the second [...]