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Executive Spotlight: Jennifer Henry, Mortgage and Housing Expert, Shares Insights

Executive Spotlight: Jennifer Henry, Mortgage and Housing Expert, Shares Insights

April 21, 2023 | Jamie Bassaline

At Equifax, we are continuing to innovate in the mortgage industry via solutions that provide value to our customers while also promoting financially inclusive lending practices. We recently announced the positive impact of telecommunications, payTV, and utilities insights on mortgage lending. In this article, Mortgage and Housing Expert Jenn Henry discusses what Equifax is currently doing to help the mortgage and housing industry and her advice for individuals beginning a career in the mortgage space. 

What significant changes would you like to see in the world of mortgage and housing?

Jenn Henry: The most significant changes I would like to see in the world of mortgage and housing are the ability to provide affordable housing to all and more equal opportunities for minority and underserved borrowers. We know that buying a home via a mortgage can be a key step in building generational wealth and driving more inclusive communities. I want to continue to help drive insights to get more and more people into homes.

What excites you most about the mortgage and housing industry? 

Jenn Henry: What excites me most about the mortgage and housing industry currently is that we, at Equifax, are all rallied around providing affordable access to homeownership for everyone.  In October, we announced the release of 15 new telco utility and pay TV attributes that provide additional information on 191 million unique consumers - 38 million of them presently don't have access to credit because they do not have traditional credit. 

What excites you most about what Equifax is doing to support the mortgage and housing industry?

Jenn Henry: What excites me most about Equifax is we're continuously providing new data and insights that help people get into homes. Affordable access to credit is at the core of what Equifax stands for and that is super exciting. 

Can you talk about some of your biggest achievements since joining Equifax?

Jenn Henry: Since I joined Equifax, the mortgage vertical at Equifax and I have achieved a lot. I have helped drive the growth of the mortgage and housing vertical at Equifax. When I first started in 2015, the mortgage vertical revenue amounted to roughly $440 million. We ended 2022 with about $1.2 million in mortgage vertical revenue. I have had the opportunity as a product leader to develop several products that have helped us grow revenue. As a strategy leader, I have taken part in numerous strategies that have continued to drive revenue. 

How has Equifax helped you drive and develop your career over the years?

Jenn Henry: Equifax has given me the opportunity to grow. I started in this organization as a vertical product leader but over time have been able to take over a number of roles. Currently I lead our Government Credits and Capital Market business. 

If you were to give advice to someone starting out their career what would you say?

Jenn Henry: The advice I would give somebody that's just starting out in their career would be take risks. Always say, “yes” to opportunities that are given to you. Work hard and don't ever be in a situation where someone is taking on your workload. Make sure that your voice is heard and always speak up, even if it's not the most popular opinion. 


Jamie Bassaline

Jamie Bassaline

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