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Upselling. Simplified.

Upselling. Simplified.

May 31, 2017 | Amy Shiptenko

Equifax BusinessConnect™ for Marketing Optimizes Sales to Current Customers

Upselling and cross-selling are easier said than done. To do it successfully, business customers need as much information as possible. However, often there is only minimal data available. Typically basic information requested during the customer acquisition and onboarding process. This data gets stale fast and it’s rarely updated after the initial account opening. What if there was a way to instantly update and enrich commercial customer files within your CRM? If using Salesforce®, there is a way. Here you’ll see how simple it can be, along with smart strategies for easier upselling.

No more bugging IT or sales administrators

Optimize customer data in a click, without ever leaving Salesforce

In the past, updating customer files meant physically reaching out to your contacts via phone or email to request fresh information. Apart from requiring untold time and effort, it focuses internal resources to complete tedious administrative tasks and detracts them from revenue-generating tasks. In addition, it’s an intrusion on your customers’ valuable time without providing them anything in return.

Now through Equifax BusinessConnect™ for Marketing, you can access unique and comprehensive B2B data that can be intelligently linked and integrated with customer data in a click, directly through Salesforce. This means you never have to leave the Salesforce environment, or rely on internal resources. Everything is instant and automated. No more phone calls or emails requesting updated information. No more time-consuming data entry and updates. No more bugging IT or sales administrators to merge third-party data lists with your customer database.

With BusinessConnect for Marketing, which is integrated with Salesforce,  you can choose from a variety of data enrichment options to instantly learn much more about commercial customers, including the notoriously difficult to find small businesses.

Here’s an important sidebar. Most businesses operating in the United States are small businesses and sole proprietors, and many have limited, outdated or no business profile information on record. Yet, through our industry exclusive data resources, Equifax has the most complete, updated and comprehensive B2B data on more than 31 million businesses. If many of your customers fall into the SMB category, you can experience a significantly higher business match rate using our B2B marketing data than you would using other resources.

Update your view, deepen customer relationships

Maybe your customer has moved to a newer, bigger location. Maybe they’ve merged with another company or been acquired by a larger firm. Or maybe your key contact on the account who had no interest in expanding your relationship is no longer with the company.

Each of these changes present exciting upsell opportunities. That is, if you know about the changes. If you’re relying on the original data acquired at account setup, you probably won’t know. This is where BusinessConnect for Marketing really simplifies things.

You can instantly import Equifax commercial data directly into your customer accounts within Salesforce to automatically update and enrich your customer and prospect files. With your customer account open, you can choose from three options: enrich accounts, find contacts and family tree. All of your data is saved within Salesforce for a single source of truth on your customers across the enterprise. Here’s how these options can help you upsell better.

  How it Gives You an Upsell Advantage   How it Works
Enrich Accounts
  • Always work with the most current, comprehensive customer data
  • Proactively anticipate and address a customer’s evolving needs by understanding important changes to their business such as changing business location(s), employee growth, increased sales and more
  Go to a customer account and click “Enrich Account.” Two columns appear. One displays existing account information; the other shows added data that’s available through Equifax. You see exactly what you’re getting. Simply click “update” and your file is instantly enriched, updated and date-stamped.  
Find Contacts
  • Identify fresh contacts within a company—outside of your key contact—who may have separate, additional product needs
  • Connect with new contacts who are replacing old contacts and may be willing to deepen their customer relationship
  • Engage other functional contacts involved in the decision-making process to win their favor for better current and future outcomes
  Go to a customer account and click “Find Contacts.” After entering criteria, click “search count” to see the number of contacts found. Click “view results” and choose which contacts you want to save. Click “create” and these contacts are automatically saved to your existing customer account.  
Family Tree  
  • Find the affiliate and legal company hierarchy of your existing accounts
  • Get a “foot in the door” advantage by uncovering new prospects with whom your existing customers may already have a relationship, so they can potentially make introductions on your behalf
  • Extend your solution offering to other branch offices, affiliates and related companies
  • Improve transparency across related customer accounts by creating new accounts that stem directly from the family tree
  Go to a customer account and click “Family Tree.” View the family tree and save all prospects you want or need.

Equifax BusinessConnect for Marketing is part of our broader BusinessConnect solution—the only customer lifecycle management Salesforce-native application built on the® platform that provides industry-leading security, uptime and native functionality, including workflow management and reporting.

Have Salesforce? Ready to enhance your upsell process? Sign up for our free trial. To learn more about the many ways BusinessConnect for Marketing can help you grow your business, contact us via