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Outpace Your Competition: Know Your Revenue IQ

Outpace Your Competition: Know Your Revenue IQ

February 09, 2022 | Flor Santiesteban

Conventional wisdom tells us there are two main ways to achieve your revenue targets in 2022. For most companies, it boils down to either growing the business through new sales or implementing cost-cutting measures. But what if you weren’t limited to just these two options? What if you could achieve smarter revenue and have a healthier bottom line while creating long-term value from your customers with predictive, real-time analytics? Now you can. And it starts with knowing your Revenue IQ. 

Revenue IQ from Equifax quantifies your ability to optimize revenue opportunities. With our Revenue IQ test, you can see how your business’s sense for smarter revenue stacks up when it comes to lost, missed, and new opportunities.

Once you receive your Revenue IQ score by taking our free, six-question assessment, you will be able to take your business strategy wider and deeper than ever before: engaging new customers, retaining those customers, and expanding your relationship with them. 

Your business’s Revenue IQ score can fall into the following three categories:

  • Optimizing (85-100): Revenue optimization is on full speed. You demand a more agile approach to identifying, quantifying, and executing opportunities.
  • Expanding (51-84): Your tools have worked in the past, but are they keeping pace with the future? A little more acumen will put you back to the front of the pack.
  • Reacting (20-50): You would benefit from a more precise revenue optimization strategy built on data and predictive insights that won’t leave you guessing. 

Now, if your business’s Revenue IQ score is not where you would like it to be, do not fret. No matter your Revenue IQ score, there is always an opportunity to boost your knowledge. After you take your Revenue IQ test, you will be able to download our ebook, 3 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Einstein. The ebook provides three ways your business can beat the competition with a smarter revenue strategy. 

Say “yes” to more opportunities, take our free, six-question Revenue IQ assessment today, and receive our ebook on how you can unleash your inner Einstein. We’re here to help and collaborate with you to uncover possibilities, and react quickly to changes. Speak with one of our experts to get an edge on your competition and boost your Revenue IQ.

Flor Santiesteban

Flor Santiesteban

Product Marketing Manager

Flor leads marketing strategy and execution for the Banking & Lending vertical at Equifax. In this role, she is responsible for developing and implementing integrated marketing campaigns, including thought leadership, sales enablement and demand generation. For more than 20 years, Flor has focused on the financial ser[...]