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NCTUE: Empowering Members with Comprehensive Consumer Data

NCTUE: Empowering Members with Comprehensive Consumer Data

December 04, 2023 | Brian Newcomb

In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, businesses across various industries are seeking innovative ways to make informed decisions and manage risk. The National Consumer Telecom and Utilities Exchange (NCTUE) has emerged as a vital tool for >160 member companies in the telecommunications, pay TV, home security, and utility sectors. NCTUE helps access industry-specific data, enhance risk assessment, and improve collections efforts.

With access to 238 million unique consumers - of whom 38 million are not found in traditional credit files - NCTUE members have access to data that, when paired with traditional data, provides deeper insight into consumers’ full profiles. In this blog post, we'll delve into what NCTUE is, how it operates, and the many benefits it offers to its members.

Understanding NCTUE

NCTUE is a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)-compliant credit data exchange service. NCTUE functions as a central database where members contribute their customer account payment information. This shared data is then used in conjunction with traditional credit files allowing companies to gain a more comprehensive understanding of consumers.

NCTUE membership is open to a wide range of companies, from national giants to regional and local businesses, that provide services such as:

  • telephone
  • cable TV
  • gas
  • electric
  • internet
  • water
  • home security
  • and more.

By participating in NCTUE, these companies can leverage the power of industry-specific data and events to make profitable risk decisions throughout the customer lifecycle.

How NCTUE Benefits Its Members

1.  Determine Credit Strategy

For credit managers and risk assessment professionals, NCTUE provides access to unique industry-specific data sources. This access allows them to fine-tune credit policy requirements, mitigating the risk of non-payment and potential financial losses.

2. Accurate Skip Tracing

NCTUE's updated address information shared among its members enhances collections management. The improved skip tracing capabilities are designed to result in more efficient collections efforts, reducing losses and increasing revenue recovery from unpaid closed accounts.

3. Enhanced Portfolio and Account Management

For companies focused on account retention and management, NCTUE offers tools to track the aging of unpaid closed accounts and assess payment profiles. This enables businesses to optimize their account management strategies for better results. For example, when leveraging NCTUE data in underwriting strategy, a telecommunications provider could approve more accounts with better offers - without taking on more risk.

The Value of Joining NCTUE

NCTUE is a “blind” and anonymized exchange with protections and prohibitions on data use for competitive purposes so you can join and contribute data easily and in good conscience.

Joining the NCTUE community comes with several distinct advantages:

1. Access to Industry-Specific Data and Events

Members gain access to valuable industry-specific data and events, providing a deeper understanding of market trends and consumer behavior. This knowledge empowers businesses to tailor their strategies accordingly.

2. Member-Only Products for Risk Assessment

NCTUE offers exclusive member-only products designed to enhance risk assessment and decision-making. These products reduce financial risk by giving companies one-of-a-kind tools built to support more accurate and informed decision-making. Further, it’s an easy buy-in for senior leadership based on empirical data that shows different views of a customer’s lifecycle you won’t find elsewhere.

3. Improved Collections Efforts

By sharing and accessing consumer payment data, NCTUE helps members:

  • streamline their collections efforts,
  • recover more outstanding payments,
  • and minimize financial losses.

As an end-to-end solution, NCTUE provides insight into contact information, lifecycle management to more easily up- or downgrade a customer.

Making More Informed Decisions with NCTUE Data

One of the key advantages of being a member of NCTUE is access to data supporting well-informed decisions. NCTUE members benefit from reporting and sharing consumer payment data, which aids in risk mitigation. Additionally, the inclusion of full account data allows companies to reach consumers who may have limited or no credit history. This ensures that behavior-based decisions are both appropriate and accurate.

Expand Your Horizons

The National Consumer Telecom and Utilities Exchange (NCTUE) is a powerful resource. NCTUE's commitment to FCRA compliance and its comprehensive data-sharing platform make it a valuable asset for members. By participating in NCTUE, businesses can access industry-specific data, enhance risk assessment, and improve collections efforts, each of which support informed decisions and greater profitability.

To learn more about the magnitude of NCTUE membership, we offer two webinars discussing how companies can thrive during economic uncertainty. Watch them here.

You can also gain deeper knowledge of NCTUE through our eBook. Our eBook even includes case studies.