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What is NCTUE?

The National Consumer Telecom and Utilities Exchange (NCTUE) is a FCRA-compliant credit data exchange service for the telecommunications, pay TV, home security and utility industries. Businesses that are part of the NCTUE contribute their customer account information to a central database. All members can then reference the shared data and use it with the traditional credit file to get a more comprehensive consumer view. This combination of FCRA-compliant account data and traditional credit data can help you make profitable risk decisions across the customer lifecycle. And only contributing members can access this data.

NCTUE Coverage

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active accounts
distinct customers
customers not found in traditional credit reporting
member contributors
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Who It's For 

Membership is open to national, regional, and local companies that provide a range of services, including telephone, cable TV, gas, electric, internet, water, home security, and more.

Credit Manager - Risk

Access unique, industry-specific data sources to accurately determine deposits

Collections Management

Access updated address information from other members to greatly improve skip tracing

Portfolio and Account Management - Retention

Manage reports to view aging of unpaid closed accounts and payment profiles

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Benefits of Joining the NCTUE

  • Acess Industry-specific data and events
  • Use member-only products that enhance risk assessment and decisioning
  • Improve collections efforts to reduce losses

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Make More Informed Decisions with NCTUE Data

Members of the NCTUE benefit from reporting and sharing consumer payment data to aid in risk mitigation. The addition of full account data helps capture that elusive segment of the market — the no-hit or thin-files — and will allow members to make appropriate and accurate behavior-based decisions.



In these webinars we explore what’s happening in the telecom and utility market that is impacting your business. Plus, we  take a deeper dive into the NCTUE and how having access to this exclusive data can help solve account acquisition and collection issues, especially during uncertain times.

How Telecom Companies Thrive During Economic Uncertainty

How Utility Companies Thrive During Economic Uncertainty


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