Data Driven Marketing

A Crystal Clear View of Your Customers and Prospects

A Crystal Clear View of Your Customers and Prospects

June 06, 2017 | Amy Shiptenko

This new marketing tool is your new secret weapon

Better performance with less effort is what we all want, right? But, for B2B marketers it’s particularly important. Strategies, initiatives and campaigns can be some of the most visible within an organization, and many times you tackle them with fewer internal resources than other functional teams. Any tools that can help preserve budget and resources, while supporting improved performance and return on investment (ROI) are a win for the team, and your organization, right?

Enter: Business Connect™, a new set of customer data management tools specific to B2B marketing that’s built within Salesforce®. Now, without ever leaving your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, you can immediately improve and expand prospect and customer data to help achieve improved campaign precision and efficiency, and increased ROI at every stage of the account lifecycle. Keep reading to learn how.

Insights that drive better results by reaching the right audience.

As most marketers know, the devil is in the details…err, the data. From building and managing prospect lists to updating customer files, if your data isn’t spot-on in terms of being as complete and as current as possible, your campaigns will suffer. BusinessConnect for Marketing can help by giving instant access to market-leading Equifax commercial data on more than 31.5 million businesses, along with unmatched small business coverage, especially on firms with $20 million and below in revenue.

You can then use this data to automatically enrich and update your existing customer files and create new prospect lists with the simple click of a mouse, within the existing Salesforce interface. More specifically, functionality includes the following:

  • Build new B2B prospecting lists;
  • Enrich and update existing customer accounts with expanded fields and information;
  • Identify additional new contacts within a business; and
  • See related businesses that have an affiliate or legal link to your customers.

These capabilities can instantly expand your view of customers and prospects to help better understand the composition, infrastructure, trajectory and unique needs of the business. This deeper insight can now be used to more precisely segment and target the most meaningful messages and competitive offers to help drive increased responses and account open rates.

You may not need to create that new marketing admin position.

Let’s face it, data management tasks are often relegated to a marketing support position. That’s because it requires a great deal of time to juggle multiple third-party resources and work with internal IT and sales support teams to integrate and update marketing data. However, with BusinessConnect for Marketing you can easily access and manage all your prospecting and customer data directly within Salesforce.

This means no more merging and purging old and new customer data, or creating and managing separate prospecting and customer databases. You simply click on the data elements you want, and everything is instantly updated and organized within your existing Salesforce interface—in real-time. Voila! You save the time and hassle of working with IT teams or sales administrators, while working within a system that you already know. It’s so efficient that, who knows, you might even be able to avoid hiring that additional marketing support you’ve been thinking about.

Perform better by collaborating with credit, sales and collections.

Often in business, we toil away in our separate worlds, toward separate goals with separate views of the customer. It’s not a productive way to work.

BusinessConnect™ for Marketing brings key functional teams together, putting everyone on the same page with the same view of the customer. All customer account information is updated in real-time via Salesforce so all teams can access the latest, greatest customer information. BusinessConnect also includes a separate module for credit, sales and collections, which provides unique and functionally-specific capabilities that can be used independently or together for a total solution that provides a comprehensive view of the customer across your organization.

From prescreening and upselling to deepening customer engagement and loyalty, your marketing campaigns will be more successful every step of the way when they’re based on insights shared across your credit, sales and collections teams. Better recognize your best customers and find (and connect with) more just like them, while proactively engaging current customers with a gentle nudge toward the “next-step” solution. You can even see those who may be at risk or already in collections and avoid marketing to them for now, which can help preserve budget and resources. If you’re on Salesforce, this powerful tool is available to you right now and you can access a free demo.

Learn more about how BusinessConnect™ can help you perform better with less effort.