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Answering Your Questions on Current Commercial Challenges

Answering Your Questions on Current Commercial Challenges

April 26, 2024 | Olivia Voltaggio

On our April 18 Market Pulse webinar, our experts talked about the roadblocks that businesses face in the commercial market. They also gave insights to help guide a path forward. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to cover all the questions and so our speakers took a few minutes to review the list and provide answers to the questions below. 

Can we get a breakout of outstanding debt, mortgage and non-mortgage, by the subproduct break out (first mortgage vs second and lines of credit; auto vs card, vs. unsecured vs student loan)?

Jesse Hardin: Total US Consumer debt totals $17.37T, with total Mortgage Debt at $12.63T and Total Non-Mortgage Debt at $4.77T. First Mortgage Debt is at $12.1T, while Other Mortgage Debt (Seconds/HELOC) is at $0.5T. Auto is at $1.6T, Bankcard is at $1.07T, and Private Label Card is at $0.07T. Unsecured Personal Loans stand at $0.15T, while Student Loans are at $1.5T, and all Other debt totals $0.37T.

Is the percentile just using the state series [re: April 2024 Small Business Indices State & Industry Trends]?

David Adams: Correct. The percentiles were based on the most recent Small Business Indices and Main Street Lending Report.

How is small business defined in terms of revenue?

David Adams: The revenue numbers will vary. We primarily follow the SBA definition of a small business, which states a small business is an independent business having fewer than 500 employees. 

Any insight specific to SMB unsecured performance?

David Adams: Unfortunately, we don't break the numbers out in that way.  Lending incorporates a variety of accounts, including secured and unsecured lines of credit.

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