Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Personalize offers, provide faster verifications and approvals, and enhance customer satisfaction
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Build Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty with Relevant Action

Customers have high expectations. How can you exceed them and better grow lifetime value? We offer consumer financial insights to help you deliver the right offer, at the right time, to the right customer, as well as provide premium service to high-potential customers. Work with us to enable your audiences to accept your offers faster and build relationships across the customer lifecycle.

6 Ways Equifax Can Help You Deliver an Optimal Customer Experience

Personalize offers
Household economic insights
Enhance customer segmentation, customize audiences, and deliver the right message.
Streamline verification
Digital Identity Trust
Enhance online and in-person verification to improve the onboarding process and reduce fraud.
Empower consumers
Prequalification of One
Reduce friction and increase acceptance by enabling consumers to check credit eligibility.
Build loyalty
WealthComplete Premier
Better understand financial potential and anticipate needs to deliver the right treatment.

Support financial wellness
Credit Score Coach
Offer pathways for consumers to improve their credit over time and reach financial goals.

Connect across channels
Digital Solutions
Reach audiences via the channels they prefer such as email, display, addressable TV, and social.


Real Solutions. Real Results.

Gain insights on how your company can enhance the customer experience.
Leverage Wealth-based Insights to Inform Service Strategies 
A leading bank generated $700 million in new revenue by realigning customers to the right service level based on their asset growth potential.
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Discover Where Consumers Want Financial Institutions to Engage
80% of consumers want their financial institution to help them improve their financial health. Gain more insights on why firms should assist consumers with financial wellness.
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Industries We Serve

Financial Services

Reach the right customers with relevant offers in preferred channels and provide faster access to credit


Use in-market behaviors, financial insights, and auto preferences to inform offers

Communications & Utilities

Assess financial durability & lifetime value to deliver tailored offers, reduce churn


Identify, prioritize, target and onboard attractive new customers more easily


Reach more consumers likely to need insurance solutions

Retail & E-Commerce

Evaluate spending capacity to promote the right products and inform loyalty programs

Mortgage & Housing

Streamline customer acquisition and target the right consumers with the right message


Identify patients that may qualify for charitable or other benefits programs


Tailor the entire gaming experience to the right audiences

Credit Unions

Improve marketing tactics by reaching members and prospects on their preferred channels

Higher Education

Elevate the student experience and improve retention rates
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Deliver an Optimal Customer Experience

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