Todd Hoover

Todd Hoover

Marketing Practice Leader

About the Author

About the Author

As Equifax’s Marketing Practice Leader, Todd Hoover leads a consulting team that enables clients to build best-in-class, data-driven marketing capabilities and programs. He also leads go-to-market strategy and partner relationships for Equifax in the marketing space. Previously, Todd led global Sales and Business Development for Equifax’s Data & Analytics team, an incubator lab for leading-edge big data solutions across analytics, marketing and fraud. His prior roles also included Consulting and Solution Sales Leader and Vice President of Professional Services. Todd’s expertise lies in navigating businesses - large and small – through accelerated growth. He has also held senior leadership positions as the General Manager of private markets at Quantum Spatial, and the Chief Strategy Officer of Marketplace Insights at The GB Group. Todd began his career in technology at S1 and AMS. He holds a Business Degree from Clemson University, and a patent for the Equifax Mobile Commerce Application.

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