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The March Market Pulse webinar resonated deeply with our audience. It delved into the complexities of affordability and its effects o [...]

Commercial Business Understanding the Economic Landscape for Small Businesses

In recent months, the U.S. economy has been navigating various challenges, affecting both big and small players alike. Let's take a clos [...]

Commercial Business 2024 Small Business Trends: Default & Delinquency

In honor of Small Business Month, we’re sharing tools and thought leadership to keep you in-the-know. Below, you’ll find an overview o [...]

Commercial Business Small Business Optimism in a Recovering Economy: Navigating Forward

The market is continuing to move.  Small businesses are often the first to react to economic fluctuations. Although, even with careful m [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Unraveling the Impact of Interest Rates on the Economy

  The economy has made progress, but inflation is still too high. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said on April [...]

Commercial Business Small Businesses: The Lifeblood of the American Economy

The 2024 financial market leaves many in a state of uncertainty except for a certain bright spot: small businesses. This Small Bus [...]

Data and Analytics How AI is Transforming Traditional Credit Scoring & Lending

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage right now. At a recent conference that I attended, a guest speaker was asked, “What’s the f [...]

Data and Analytics Up Your Game: Strategies for Lenders to Modernize Prospecting

The pressure is on for lenders. You need to ensure that your acquisition strategies are competitive. But that can be quite the conundrum [...]

Commercial Business From Strain to Resilience: Small Business Strategies for 2024

In 2023, the landscape was tumultuous. American small businesses, lenders, and service providers faced many challenges. These included s [...]

Commercial Business Regional Trends to Watch: Small Business Credit Quality by U.S. Population

In recognition of Small Business Week, we’d like to introduce the new 2024 Market Trends and Predictions Report focusing on the curr [...]

Commercial Business Small Business Focus: Commercial Hurdles in Today’s Economic Environment

We are excited to be celebrating small business week (April 28 - May 4)! In the April 2024 Market Pulse webinar, we discussed d [...]

Data and Analytics 3 Tips for Lenders to Modernize Their Prospecting

How many years has your company been marketing lending offers to consumers? Five? Ten? Twenty? Fifty or more? It’s likely a lot of years.  [...]