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Reach Valuable Customers of the Future

Reach Valuable Customers of the Future

March 11, 2019 | Lyra Hankins

Identify Upward Mobile Customers

Imagine if you could predict which prospects and customers would become your most high-spending, loyal purchasers in three years. You could then change your targeting strategy and customer treatment plans now.

While we can't predict the future, there are products that identify the most upwardly mobile consumers over the next three years. So, how could your company use these insights?

When someone expects to get a big raise, they may start spending that money before it's in their pocket. Therefore, you might want to add that person to your priority marketing list.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of consumers who may not have that upward income trajectory. So you'd keep them on your general marketing list because there's no need to promote your premium or luxury goods and services.

How to Start Marketing Now

Here are examples of how marketers can communicate with upwardly mobile consumers:

  • Credit card issuers can start nurturing consumers likely to have the income to qualify for premium cards in the future.
  • Travel marketers can begin relationships with consumers who will likely have the income to support a timeshare or luxury vacation.
  • Financial marketers can expand their prospect lists by communicating with consumers who may need financial advice or more sophisticated financial products.
  • Auto sales teams can reach out to those who own/lease modest vehicles to inform them about premium models.
  • Retail marketers can issue exclusive offers in an effort to capture increased spending the consumers' income grows.

Learn more about reaching your most valuable customers of the future. With Upward Mobility Income Range digital targeting segments from Equifax, you can focus your ad spend on consumers likely to have $100K+, $150K+, or all the way up to $250K+ in income in the next three years.

Lyra Hankins

Lyra Hankins

Director, Sr. Product Marketing , Data-driven Marketing

Lyra Hankins is a Product Marketing Sr. Director for Data-driven Marketing solutions at Equifax. Her career experience in marketing roles in technology companies gives her a broad perspective on Marketing and software/data solutions. Having worked on a variety of cutting-edge technologies over the years, she is excited[...]