NAPIPM Recap: Data, Insights and Protecting Taxpayer Dollars

NAPIPM Recap: Data, Insights and Protecting Taxpayer Dollars

August 16, 2019 | Juan Cole

A Focus on Data and Technology to Solve Problems

The Equifax Government Services team joined social service professionals from across the country last week at the National Association for Program Information and Performance Measure Conference (NAPIPM). There was a lot of energy around innovative ways to use data, technology and process improvements to solve agency challenges. In fact, we participated in multiple discussions about ways to improve both outcomes and integrity for benefits programs. Specifically, we focused on how to use data and systems integration to reduce backlogs and applicant and tax-payer frustrations.  I had the pleasure of speaking with attendees on Tuesday, Aug. 6, along with one of our partners Softheon.  We shared our insights around the role data plays in creating a 360-degree view of an applicant’s “ecosystem.” For example, did you know that an applicant's median monthly income could change up to 20% within any given month? This approach to eligibility verification can positively influence the appropriate allocation of government benefits.  While system-to-system connectivity can help expedite approvals and benefits, verified data can also reduce the risk of improper payments and human error.  We shared how automated systems and data from multiple sources can help deliver that 360-degree applicant view. Additionally, they deliver unexpected benefits like flagging duplicate applications across county and state lines. 

Benefit Administrators Look to Reduce Time Between Application and Benefits

With an already back-logged system, administrators at NAPIPM said they're already thinking about creative ways to measure their influence and build new processes into their decision making.  And as good stewards of benefits, they want to reduce the time between application and receipt of benefits. I came away enthusiastic about the ways the Equifax data and technology can sync with the purpose and priorities of benefit administrators to deliver both the insights that can help allocate case worker resources, as well as streamline processes.  My Softheon co-presenter, Michael Sasko, and I brought back new ideas for our teams that will help us innovate further to help social service program leaders in the future.