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Mortgage Industry Resources: For Navigating a Pandemic

Mortgage Industry Resources: For Navigating a Pandemic

December 16, 2020 | Nicole Brooks

While the COVID-19 pandemic created uncertainty in the financial market, the mortgage industry remained strong with a positive long-term outlook. The Equifax Mortgage and Housing team spoke to various leading industry publications in 2020 to provide insight and expertise on mortgage trends, issues and resources. Here's a round-up of those articles, which we hope will you navigate 2021 with continued confidence.


Third-Party Data Now Critical For Mortgage Lenders’ Technology Initiatives

The most successful lenders are those that are able to best meet borrower expectations of speed and convenience and deliver on that in a way that creates a delightful customer experience.  

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Mortgage Servicing in an Election Year

Trends defining the housing market, changes facing the mortgage industry, staying nimble amidst unexpected industry shifts, what impact housing could have on the November elections, and how data is changing the marketing aspects of the mortgage industry.  

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In an Uncertain Market, Servicers Are Leveraging Data, Technology to Drive Efficiency

The digital mortgage servicing journey must focus on streamlining the process through technology and data-enabled solutions.   


Mitigating Portfolio Risk and Increasing Operational Efficiency During Economic Volatility

Digital transformation of the servicing side of the industry has taken on a new urgency, evolving from something that provides convenience, efficiency and cost savings to an essential requirement given ongoing pandemic concerns and risks.  

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Inside the Industry Video Podcast

How the federal government can better assist mortgage servicers and how servicers can ensure prospective buyers have an equitable path to homeownership, with a focus on technology.  

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When Managing Servicing During A Pandemic, Actionable Data Is Key

Given the unpredictability of the COVID-19 environment, servicers need to implement technology that provides adaptability and the flexibility to quickly respond to changes in the marketplace, all while ensuring high levels of customer service.   

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Reducing Risk and Increasing Efficiency for Digital Mortgages with Third-Party Verifications

This unprecedented event has had a wide-ranging impact on the mortgage industry as a whole, including the processes involved in securing and closing a mortgage; digitization will be critical.