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How to Combat Threats from Within

How to Combat Threats from Within

August 17, 2018 | Tatiana Burn

Internal threats are a looming problem for both government and private organizations. That’s why government agencies joined Equifax, Carahsoft and others at a NextGov briefing last week to discuss solutions to the insider threat problem across government. They examined privacy and security implications, as well as preventative strategies like a 360-degree view of personnel who can help identify and mitigate insider threats.

Charles Phalen, Director of the National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB), may have hit a chord when he said, “Combating the threat from within sounds like a really scary movie; the sad thing is it is based on truth.”

The event drew national attention. Here are highlights from that news coverage:

  • Combating Insider Threats | C-SPAN | 8/7/18
    • Nextgov, a federal technology and cybersecurity website, hosted a forum with intelligence officials and security experts on insider threats in the government and the private sector. They discussed privacy and security implications, training employees to identify malicious activity and the key components for constructing an insider threat program.
  • Director of Federal Background Investigations Supports Complete Shift to Pentagon | MeriTalk | 8/7/18
    • Charles Phalen, director of the National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB), said today at an event hosted by Nextgov and Equifax that he supports a proposal in the President’s government reform and reorganization plan to move NBIB “in its entirety from the Office of Personnel Management into the Department of Defense.”…

Watch a recording of this event where you’ll hear from other speakers, including National Counterintelligence & Security Center Director William Evanina, National Insider Threat Task Force Director Wayne Belk, Lockheed Martin Intelligence Analyst Kimberly O’Grady and Equifax Government Vertical Marketing Leader Michael Barnes.

Learn how Equifax can help government leverage behavioral indicators and trended data analysis to mitigate internal threats.

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