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In today's competitive job market, employers are increasingly recognizing the importance of supporting their employees beyond traditiona [...]

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Our latest Market Pulse webinar gave our panelists the opportunity to share insights on the current state of consumer profiles and popul [...]

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Lenders, how satisfied are you with your approach to prescreen targeting? Do your prescreen campaigns reach fresh audiences? Or are you [...]

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Your customers’ behaviors are fluid, constantly shifting. Their financial trajectories change. Their debt loads rise and fall. Their net [...]

Credit Risk Leveraging Consumer Data for Strategic Decisioning

During our Market Pulse webinars, our audience submit questions each month to our expert panel. For our June Market Pulse webinar our pane [...]

Credit Risk What are Multi-Bureau Attributes?

Model efficiency and performance is the key  Any company that leverages credit data from multiple credit bureaus is likely fami [...]

Commercial Business Economic Signals and Strategic Imperatives

The June 2024 Market Pulse webinar gave our esteemed panelists the opportunity to share insights on the current state of consumer prof [...]

Credit Risk Auto Insights: How to Move Forward Given Current Trends

In the ever-evolving landscape of auto financing, a multitude of factors shape market dynamics. From shifts in lender strategies to chan [...]

Data and Analytics Gain a Comprehensive Understanding of Your Customers with Alternative Data

As a utility, telco, or pay TV service provider, you know the importance of making informed decisions about your customers. Credit score [...]

Commercial Business Understanding Small Business Growth and Economic Trends

  Here’s a striking statistic: 93% of small business owners expect moderate or significant growth over the next 12 months [...]

Data and Analytics Three Ways Savvy Auto Lenders are Using Analytics

As an auto lender, your ability to pinpoint credit risk means everything. Yet, securely growing your business—and your bottom line—in to [...]

Commercial Business Inflation, Consumer Spending, and Stagflation: Insights for Small Businesse ...

In June’s Small Business Indices, we focused on consumer spending and its implications for the overall economy. In this blog, we will shar [...]