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Commercial Business Small Business Resurgence: Insights and Trends for the Year Ahead

We are in unparalleled territory when it comes to the small business landscape. In this blog, we'll cover the recent boom in small busines [...]

Commercial Business Regional Trends: Small Business Delinquency Index Predictions for 2024

33.3 million businesses in the United States qualify as small businesses. 1 In recognition of Small Business Month, we produced [...]

Data Driven Marketing Auto Loans at Credit Unions: 3 Surprises, 3 Risks, 3 Opportunities

When asked where to get an auto loan, a credit union might not be the first answer. But, credit unions are in fact a quite popular choice [...]

Identity & Fraud The Evolving Auto Landscape: Trends, Fraud, and Technology

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Commercial Business Navigating the Ever-Changing Small Business Landscape

When it comes to the small business landscape the one thing we generally all agree on is this is a time [...]

Data Driven Marketing 4 Tips to Capture Consumers In-Market for New Credit

At some point in almost every person’s life, there is a need to borrow money or have access to credit. Consumers need credit cards, mort [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Inflation, Delinquencies and Economic Polarization

  Inflation is having a broad impact on U.S. households. In the latest Market Pulse podcast, Jeff Richardson, SVP of Mar [...]

Credit Risk Beyond the Numbers: Answering Your Burning Questions on Delinquency, Intere ...

During March’s Market Pulse webinar, we gave our audience what they have been requesting: extended time for Q&A with our premiere li [...]

Recession Readiness Insights Opportunities and Challenges in the Current Auto Market Landscape

80 percent of today’s consumers think that new car ownership is out of reach for them*. Pair this with continuing high interest rates, v [...]

Data Driven Marketing Need Archived Data in Days, Not Weeks? Done.

As today’s economic conditions continue to unfold—and often, surprise us all—it’s important to have an analytic strategy grounded in his [...]

Credit Risk Navigating Uncertain Economic Terrain: Insights for Telco and Utility Indus ...

In today's fast changing economic environment, staying informed about macroeconomic trends is essential for businesses across various se [...]

Data Driven Marketing Want Data on Demand? Discover the Business-Changing Value of Federated Data ...

Federated data isn’t “sexy” like AI. But in the world of data management, it’s a profound paradigm shift.  That’s because federat [...]