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Verification Automated, Real-Time Verifications can Speed Up Eligibility Determinations for Federal Rental Assistance Funding

States and local agencies struggle to disburse critical rental assistance to eligible Americans  Even with a new CDC eviction moratori [...]

Data Driven Marketing Pandemic Effects on U.S. Consumer Finances and Attitudes

The pandemic has impacted U.S. consumer finances and attitudes in a major way. Furloughs and layoffs turned the financial health of some hou [...]

Identity & Fraud New DOL Requirements Help States Fight Unemployment Fraud

New Legislation Helps State Workforce Agencies Prevent Unemployment Fraud and Benefit Overpayments Signed into law on December 27, 2020, ad [...]

Identity & Fraud U.S. DoL Provides $100 Million to Help Combat Unemployment Fraud

New federal funds aimed at helping state workforce agencies prevent unemployment fraud and benefit overpayments The U.S. Department of Labo [...]

Identity & Fraud Demand Surges for County-Managed Social Safety Net Programs

Investments in Data Can Help Accelerate Support to Newly Needy Residents Counties spend a significant amount of time and resources to help [...]

Events NAPIPM Recap: Data, Insights and Protecting Taxpayer Dollars

A Focus on Data and Technology to Solve Problems The Equifax Government Services team joined social service professionals from across the c [...]

Data and Analytics Social Service Agencies: Expedite the Benefit Claims Process

Technology Provides Faster, More Accurate Claim of Benefits The current benefit eligibility verification process is a daily burden for case [...]

Government Remains Open; Spending Bill Signed

Federal Agencies Continue to Operate President Trump signed a critical spending bill into law on February 15, 2019.  After two weeks o [...]

Events ISM Conference: Vision and Value of Technology in the Field

The 2018 IT Solutions Management (ISM) Annual Conference in Seattle, held Sept. 16-19, was full of opportunities to learn, network and share [...]

Identity & Fraud How to Combat Threats from Within

Internal threats are a looming problem for both government and private organizations. That’s why government agencies joined Equifax, Carahso [...]

Identity & Fraud Tackling Program Integrity in Government Services

Government agencies face two key challenges: budgets under pressure and programs have to be streamlined to fight off fraud, waste, and [...]

CERCA Recap: Identity Fraud & Tax Reform Implementation

The CERCA Spring Conference, held on May 16, capped a broadly successful 2018 filing season that saw tax identity theft reduced by [...]

Identity & Fraud Synthetic ID Fraud Is Not a Fictional Threat

The growth of synthetic identity fraud shows few signs of slowing. Data breaches, social media mining, phishing and other schemes  [...]

Identity & Fraud When is “Knowledge-Based” not Assured Authentication?

Knowledge based authentication (KBA) has been declared dead many times over the past few years.  But what is KBA and what exactly is th [...]