John Stremel

John Stremel

VP of Sales for automotive digital solutions at Equifax

About the Author

About the Author

John Stremel is the VP of Sales for automotive digital solutions at Equifax. John is known as a digital disruptor and has 20 plus years of organizational leadership experience primarily in the automotive vertical. Throughout his career, John has built trusting partnerships with leading consumer data providers, traffic and lead generation website brands, auto manufacturers, regional organizations and dealers to drive meaningful results. Prior to Equifax, John consulted for Shift Digital, a digital advertising provider to auto manufacturers and dealers, and has managed digital advertising strategy and positioning for leading brands including Toyota, Nissan, Penske, Hyundai, Kia, McDonalds, Bank of the West, non-profit organizations and many others. Based in southern California, John enjoys family time, surfing and endurance motorsports racing.

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