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BusinessConnect™ Leverages Every Piece of Functionality within the® Platform

BusinessConnect™ Leverages Every Piece of Functionality within the® Platform

September 27, 2016 | Lee Goldman

Many emerging technology solutions are so robust that it can be difficult to fully maximize their potential. However, Equifax likes a challenge which is why we’re determined to harness 100% of the power of both the Cloud and—the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

To realize the full potential of our premier business enablement solution, we built BusinessConnect™ natively on the platform. BusinessConnect—which aligns Sales, Credit and Collections on a single, cloud-based platform—helps your organization drive increased revenue, shorten the credit decisioning process and close your collections gap.

By leveraging  the Cloud and the® platform, we have created a Sales, Credit and Collections app that delivers on all of the benefits of the Cloud, not just a few. is a best-of-breed solution that is scalable and flexible to fit the needs of any size organization. Boasting more users than any other CRM, it transcends sales functions to deliver service, support, insight, analytics and more.

BusinessConnect is the first and only Sales, Credit and Collections app that is an extension of the leading Salesforce platform, and not merely a plug-in. It leverages every piece of functionality within the platform, and vice-versa. Also, with this collaboration we reinforced Equifax’s commitment to building best-in-breed technology platforms, supporting our already renowned data and analytics expertise.

BusinessConnect puts team on a single platform, leveraging the power of to do the heavy lifting. The result is instant cross-departmental visibility, seamless collaboration and up-to-the second insights into your customers and prospects for increased revenue. This collaboration eliminates the time and expense needed to switch platforms, maintain multiple databases or re-train the entire organization on a new system.

Thanks to the Cloud, BusinessConnect works with any data to help your entire team close more business, faster and more profitably than ever. Its data is sourced from more than 10 providers so you can choose the best information for your organization. Unlike other solutions, BusinessConnect enables you to:

  • Gain a 360° view of your customers.
  • Leverage extremely robust “drag and drop” reporting tools to create reports on almost any data in the system.
  • Build custom reports showing the distribution of customers with exceptional scores to target for cross/up-sell.
  • Create custom workflows that automatically segment and prioritize high-risk customers for the collections team to track and manage.
  • Use insights into the purchase behavior and propensity of different customer classes in order to refine sales targeting.

Why settle for connectors, clunky plug-ins or vaporware? If you’re looking for a truly transformative, enterprise-wide Sales, Credit and Collections app, the choice is clear.

Visit us at to learn more about the collective power of the Cloud, and BusinessConnect.® is a trademark of, inc., and is used here with permission.

Lee Goldman

Lee Goldman

Senior Director and Portfolio Marketing Leader

Lee Goldman is a Senior Director of Product Marketing at Equifax. Lee's expertise is taking complicated technology products, and breaking them down into understandable and relatable value propositions. Lee has spent most of his career in technology marketing with specific focus on the cloud.